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Little White Dress Trend

Updated on March 11, 2011
Halston Heritage
Halston Heritage | Source

Move Over LBD!

Is white the new black? That's difficult to say, I know how attached we all are to our LBD's but it's time for a fresh new start to a fresh new year! This year, try out this latest fashion trend: the LWD - also known as the little white dress! The biggest fear that women have of the little white dress, is how unflattering they feel that white may look. Contrary to popular belief, white can look just as slimming as black given the right shape, fit and even texture!

Join hundreds of women on this New Year's resolution to try out a LWD! Don't worry gals, this doesn't mean goodbye to the LBD, the little white dress is just a fun and less gloomy alternative to have in your closet!


Celebrate the LWD!

Making the little white dress the next LBD is a huge personal accomplishment and task for me personally. Perhaps because I see too many women wearing A LOT of black. I for one am ecstatic that the reign of black is over. I'm tired of black being the "safe" color for women to wear. The majority of my friend's closets are dominated by a sea of dark, gloomy and black clothing. White is fresh and bright, happy and perfect for updating a boring wardrobe. After all, who wants to wear black during hot summer months? (Black absorbs light, by the way!) White isn't SO scary when considering:

  • It's still a neutral
  • It's very easy to coordinate with other colors
  • You can look fresh and younger automatically (Black ages you)
  • It's monochromatic

Because white is an automatic skin brightener, it works with every type of skin tone. Here's another dreaded fashion myth I hear from women all the time: White will wash me out/make me look pale. This is the exact opposite of the plain truth. Any contrast to stark white will automatically look darker. That's why tans are so accentuated when wearing white!

Want some funk in your little white dress? Add patterns or textures.

Like the Trina Turk dress with eyelets! (above)

Celebrities Love the LWD Trend!

Celebs such as Lindsay Price, Megan Fox and Blake Lively are indulging in a bright and white LWD!
Celebs such as Lindsay Price, Megan Fox and Blake Lively are indulging in a bright and white LWD! | Source

How to Wear the LWD!

Here are some simple pointers for pulling off the perfect look with your new little white dress!


Do find a dress that is form-fitting.

Do make sure that the dress is not see-through or sheer!

Do wear a nude bra and panty underneath.

Do keep the length age-appropriate!

Go bold on the accessories, jewelry and shoes! After all, you're wearing a clean slate!

Do keep away from sauces like spaghetti and meatballs!


Don't pile on white after white after white. What I mean is, I like to see a little color mixed in with an LWD. Go for jewel-toned shoes or big statement jewelry; your white dress can handle it!

Don't wear white shoes. Nudes are acceptable though.

Don't wear hose. It's a very dated look. Keep your outfit fresh.

Don't wear the wrong length. Keep in mind your age and the event!

Don't EVER wear your LWD to a wedding or funeral. It's extremely rude!

$48 | Source
$22 | Source


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