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Male Grooming: What to Trim or Shave

Updated on May 28, 2010

Women like clean men, but this does not mean you have to go metrosexual. In fact, real women prefer you not do this. We don't want to date a Sasquatch any more than you do (yeah, think about that one for a minute) but neither do we want to date another female. Unless we're lesbians, obviously, and if we are, you're not getting any of that so it doesn't matter, right? Right. The following tips are meant to reassure the lot of you that you needn't wax or shave your bits, but we would like to see some evidence of male grooming in certain areas, if you know what I'm saying.

Your groin area

You've got to give to receive, and if you want some "me time" down there, you need to make the boys conducive to such things. Again, you wouldn't want a woman who made you think "jungle" every time you looked at her, unless you had very, very unique taste in women. You don't need to shave your groin area, but it's perfectly acceptable if you do, and it will not detract from your manliness. Regardless, you should at least give the area a good trim on a regular basis.

Your back

Some men have issues with this, some don't. This is probably the only body area that a man could wax and I wouldn't think it bizarre. Not that I'm suggesting you do wax -- I think you're a lot better off simply getting a special back shaver and dealing with it that way. But please do deal with it, as back hair does look rather unsexy.

Your chest

Before I say another word, let me be clear that chest hair is sexy and I find it totally unappealing when men shave their chests. So please don't do that for our sakes, because it's not necessary. If you happen to have loads of uncontrollable chest hair, however, this is unsexy as well. But you needn't get rid of it -- trim your chest hair once a week or so and women will find the results very appealing.

Your eyebrows

Please -- PLEASE -- do not shave or wax your eyebrows. If you've got a uni-brow, have a female friend help you pluck between them and show you a guideline. If you've got normal eyebrows, please don't do anything to them! But if you've got massively bushy or wild-middle-aged eyebrows, please corral those strays that make you look like Mark Twain.

Your ears

I dunno why some of you have hair growing out of, or from the tips of, your ears, but it's not the sexiest look. It is, however, very easy to manage with a small trimmer. The girl at the checkout counter might not be able to notice, but the woman you get up close and personal with can.

Your goatee, mustache or beard

A well-manicured goatee, mustache or beard is 1000% more attractive than one that's gone scraggly. I don't care if you're Brad Pitt; if your beard resembles a jungle it's not going to be sexy. Please trim your goatee!

Your nose

Again, no idea why some of you have nose hair that peeks out of your nostrils but it's seriously difficult to imagine kissing you when a nose hair is staring you in the face. Very easy to groom these bits away thanks to nose hair trimmers, so pleas do that, y'all.

Your feet

Most of you don't have hairy Hobbit-like feet, but men from cultures do seem to have this issue to some degree. If the hair is sparse it should be very easy to pluck them once a week or so.


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