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Reducing Eyes Dark Circles

Updated on October 22, 2011

Usually dark circles are the reason of extreme depression, stress, loads of work, sleeplessness and many other reasons which tend to increase exertion. However, there are lots of people who have the problem of dark circles but they sleep well and do not take tensions. Have you ever thought then what the reason of dark circles in those people is?

At times, dark circles seem to happen without any reason, the most important is to know about the preventive measures of the dark circles. Everyone who is facing this weird situation of dark circles definitely wants to get rid of such blackly eyes.

The reason is same you never look as good as you can without dark circles. Dark circles basically are the stain on your beauty, especially for girls, they cannot wear eye makeup or either they have to do a lot of precautions before applying eye shadows.

So for all such awkward situations you really need to some extra efforts and remove your dark circles now. Do not think that you are alone in the fight against dark circles, believe me there are almost everyone who is facing such issues.

The thing is all other people hide them well or have already searched the precautions. Remember! Home remedies are always better then medications, so firstly always try home remedies and if not find them helpful then go for medical treatment. Below are some home remedies which you can do at your home easily to get rid of dark circles.

Juice Of Cucumber

The initial step in getting rid of dark circles is making use of cucumber juice. This cucumber juice will help out lighten the dark circles and lessen any puffiness you possibly will have below your eyes.

As usually with dark circles puffiness is quiet common. Just take half of cucumber and blend it in the juicer then use this juice on your eyes daily. Use of cucumber on regular basis should help out in reducing the appearance of dark under eye circles. 

Use Of Potatoes

Take a potato and peel off skin, cut in to slices and put on your eyes. Now lay down in a relaxed mode and feel free for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Basically potato is considered to have relaxing effect which can help in treating this problem.

Use Of Spoons

Another home remedy is to use the spoons. I know it is quiet strange to hear that but surely it works. All you need is to put two spoons on the refrigerator for an hour.

Now take out both the spoons and lay down immediately in relaxing position and put both the spoons on your eyes. Leave it for an hour. Do this same twice or thrice in a day, you will feel amazing results just in a week or so.

Use Of Tea Bags

Tea has the property of antioxidant this is the reason why it is considered as the best cure for your eyes. Especially for those who are going through with the dilemma of dark circles.

If you want to get rid of dark circle then chilled tea bags can help you a lot. All you need to do is after drinking tea, instead of wasting tea bags, just put them in to the refrigerator. When teabags are chilled enough then put them on your dark circles and leaves about fifteen minutes. By doing this on regular basis your dark circle will soon get reduced.

Use Of Mint Leaves

Mint due to the presence of flavonoids makes it antioxidant which can surely helps in dipping free-radical smash up caused to the cells of the eyes, thus treating dark circles.

The use is very simple just you need to mash fresh mint leaves and apply it on the eyes. You can make a paste also for smoothly applying. Paste is very simple to prepare, just use blender and add few drops of almond oil or olive oil, blend it well it will surely give you a paste form. 

Now apply this mint paste for around thirty minutes and leave it on. Above were all the home remedies which are effective for everyone. However there are some diets changes which you really need to make.

Such as, do sleep well on good timings, like 8 hours sleep is must in 24 hours. Also never overlook the use of water in your life. Must drink at least 2 to 3 liter water in a day; avoid smoking and drinking as these could be the main cause of your hollows.


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    • profile image

      sophia humyun 6 years ago

      i appreciate this topice.very useful and handy tips were given.

    • profile image

      priya 6 years ago

      its a very gud precaution ...