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Silk Scarves and Shawls as Sarongs

Updated on August 24, 2015

A common item of clothing worn by men and women around the world is the sarong. This simple and versatile piece of cloth has been in existence and use for centuries. It has proven its effectiveness in helping individuals keep cool in the hottest climates. Moreover, its adaptability makes it useful for many diverse occasions.

It retains its usefulness in modern times. It has even become a type of fashion statement. While women have embraced the sarong, it has also seen its fair share of modern male wearers. Several years ago, famed footballer, David Beckham, was photographed wearing one. His multitude of male and female fans soon followed his lead, creating a new fad.

David Beckham in a sarong

How To Wear A Sarong

While the ways a man can wear a sarong are limited, this does not hold true for women. These versatile and striking silk scarves and shawls achieve the sarong look through a variety of different placements and knotting. Try the ones provided below to realize very different looks.

David Beckham sported his sarong around the waist. If you wish to mimic this style, take the silk material, wrap it around your waist and tie the uppermost corners firmly together. This is the simplest way. There are variations on this theme.

  • Use a smaller scarf. It will allow you to reveal more leg
  • Use more fabric and wrap it around twice. This creates a lengthier skirt
  • Be daring and use a large square piece of silk. Fold it in half diagonally, drape it around your hips and tie it at the side. This is perfect to wear over a bikini

There is no need to be restrictive in your use of the silk scarf. If you wish, you can use it to conceal the top of your swimsuit or body. Simply take the superb fabric and make it into a dress. The material drapes with exquisitely showing off the natural curves of a body. Using it in this fashion also allows you to show off the stunning hand painted designs to their best advantage.

If you want to create a sarong-style dress, adopt any of the following methods:

  • Wrap the fabric above your bust line. Tie the two opposite corners together at the side.
  • Take the fabric of the silk scarf or shawl. Hold it in place beneath your armpits. Draw the topmost corners of the scarf or shawl together at the front. Wrap these sections over and under each other until the fabric feels tight without being uncomfortable. Finally, grab both corners, raise them up behind your back and tie firmly in place.
  • Create a an eye-catching off-the-shoulder sarong by placing and holding the top edge corners of the silk shawl or scarf in place over the shoulder of choice. Be sure to allow enough fabric to knot it later.  Wrap the rest of the fabric firmly or loosely around your body above your bust line. Do so until the other top corner returns to the rear of your shoulder. Tie it.

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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      They are beautiful and so dressy.