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Silk Scarves and Shawls for That Ultra Trendy Look

Updated on August 24, 2015

If you browse through the closet or bureau of your grandmother or even mother, you are sure to find a fine silk scarf or shawl. These are accessories with lasting power. Throughout the centuries, women with elegance and taste proudly wore these accessories. They came from different cultures and covered the entire range of the age spectrum.

Today, the same remains. While still acting as practical head and shoulder coverings for those over 40, silk scarves and shawls are also the preserve of young women with an eye for fashion. These are chic accessories for the modern and trendy woman. They dress up a drab outfit adding élan where none exists, create a unique fashion statement or add an untouchable allure for that certain girl.

In the age of mass-produced clothing, women are constantly looking for a way to create their own unique look. They want to declare: “This is whom I am!!” A woman can do so with a judicial use of silk scarves and shawls. Today’s fashion is also about the return of the shabby yet chic style. This combines a desire for individuality with an unconventional and casual look. There are elements of worn but with a softness that verges on the romantic. The overall look is Bohemian.

The shabby chic look may appear to be thrown together. It is not. Shabby chic is a style that takes much care to both achieve and maintain. The look is one that stands out. Yet, anyone can obtain this style inexpensively and easily with the use of a silk scarf or shawl.

The most important elements of the shabby chic style are colors and tones. The ideals are the soft shades – those that appear faded or subdued. Think in terms of lavenders, yellows, cloudy mustards, pale grays and, of course pinks – dusky or rose. In selecting patterns, consider the conservative floral designs.

In capturing the overall appearance of shabby chic, women rely on layering. Hand painted silk scarves and shawls are ideal in this aspect. Adding them to any outfit creates the sense of many layers. It all adds flair. Moreover, the choice seems infinite. There are unique patterns, a wide range of colors and, of course, the soft sensation of pure silk.

Pair silk up with your favorite pair of jeans. Wear a silk scarf or shawl draped over a camisole, shirts or even your much-loved denim jacket. Or, you can create a different look – one merging the sensuousness of the drape with the quality and class of the silk.

Hand painted silk is truly versatile. The feel of the fabric as it flows across your skin and the distinctive hand painted pattern cast a spell of fine luxury and discernment. Yet, silk can be sexy and daring. With the right drape, you reveal a glimpse of your bare shoulder. Make it into a halter-top and you bare more to the world. Silk scarves, no matter how they are worn, contrive to drive your devotees wild.

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