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The Best Fashion Trends of All Time

Updated on March 30, 2015

My 100th Hub!

What an anniversary. My 100th hub! I always knew I'd do something extra fabulous for my 100th hub and it only made sense that it would be about fashion. I mean, what else *could* it be? I thought about doing different fashion trends, fashion icons and styles to write about and then decided to just do the ultimate list. This list talks about fleeting trends, iconic fashion women of the world and some of my favorite fashion trends. Keep in mind that it also includes something old, something new, something borrowed and nothing blue! (Yes folks, no blue - what do you think this is, a wedding? I jest.) I'm writing this to satisfy my love for fashion, for my fans & readers and for fashionistas all over the world. I'm so excited to present you with this amazing and comprehensive list of the best fashion trends of all time!


#1 The Pencil Skirt

The original Pencil Skirt dates back to 1950s America. Although the pencil skirt has been somewhat shortened since then, well, and tightened now that I think about it, it has remained a staple in women's wardrobes for over five decades. The slimming silhouette is a sexy shape that leaves quite a bit to the imagination. Although the pencil skirt has changed somewhat in regards to length, fabrics and colors, it has stood the test of time and it's on our list of the best fashion trends of all time!

Who made it famous? Christian Dior

Who loves it? Eva Mendez, Victoria Beckham


#2 The Kitten Heel

The kitten heel was popularized by the great fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn and has been sported by fashion icons since! They were first made popular in the 1960s and diminished (thanks to the stiletto heel) and re-emerged in the 1980s. This is another oldie, but a goodie. Style tip: Don't wear rounded kitten heels. They look much more chic in a pointed toe. And it adds length to the legs because the 1.5 inches just don't cut it!

Who made it famous? Audrey Hepburn

Who loves it? Michelle Obama, Manolo Blahnik


#3 Mini Motorcycle Jackets

Yes gals, this is a "something-borrowed" trend. Everyone from Park Avenue princesses to Boho rocker chicks are sporting the shrunken motorcycle jacket look. It's one of my favorite pieces of this decade and I believe the trend is here to stay. That's right, you heard it here first! I realize that the motorcycle jacket trend is nothing new: (hello Marlon Brando anyone?), but the way it's worn now is for fashion purposes and has nothing to do with teen angst and rebellion.

Who made it famous? Marlon Brando & James Dean

Who loves it? Olsen twins, Kim Kardashian, Olivia Palermo


#4 Oversized Sunglasses

Who doesn't channel Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis when sporting the huge frames? No one. Fashionistas of the world get to wear awesome over-sized sunglasses thanks to Jackie O. Although they were first made famous in the late 1960s this style trend has been going strong ever since. (Except the 90's when people started wearing those ugly, small oval frames. Yikes!) There's nothing that goes better with a Pucci bikini, the beach and a mimosa than a pair of Jackie O sunglasses.

Who made it famous? Really?!

Who loves it? Nicole Richie

#5 Menswear Inspired Blazer

Menswear inspired blazers aka. the boyfriend blazer became popular in the late 1980s. Yes, women wore blazers previously but only as a contradiction or as a "f-you" to society. The only bad press these blazers ever got was from the 80's when extreme shoulder pads came into play. (Sigh, we should've known better). Today the blazer is uber-versatile; wear it with a cocktail dress, to an interview or with a t-shirt -- it all goes!

Who made it famous? Katharine Hepburn, Diane Keaton

Who loves it? Blake Lively, Kourtney Kardashian


#6 Pearls

Pearls are ubiquitous nowadays but they count as something "old" on our list. They can be seen on royalty, sorority sisters, congress women, porn stars (really) and spoiled private school girls. Mikimoto was the genius who began to simulate the pearl making process in 1893 (can you tell I love history? I was a history major in college) and has been making amazing pearl jewelry ever since! Pearls' worst fame moment? When the term "pearl necklace" was invented. Yuck.

Who made it famous? Coco Chanel

Who loves it now? Everyone


#7 The LBD

The crucially iconic "little black dress" or (LBD) has become a whirlwind of a phenomenon. Personally, I'm trying to make the LWD happen, but we'll see about that in another 50 years. Of course Audrey Hepburn invented the LBD in her role as Holly Golightly in the film Breakfast at Tiffanys. (Which I really need to quit watching before I start calling everyone "Dahl-ing".) What more can I say? The LBD is perfection.

Who made it famous? Audrey Hepburn

Who loves it? All women over the age of 13 in New York.


#8 The Statement Necklace

The statement necklace was a huge fashion trend in 2008 (literally). What I love about the newer fashion trends lately, is how easy it is for everyone who loves fashion to indulge without paying the muy-high prices. It's an instant ornament piece for any outfit and is fabulous. And the origins? It's difficult to trace, but most likely goes back to royalty.

Who made it famous? Cleopatra

Who loves it? Everyone who walks the red carpet.

#9 The Classic Trench Coat

The classic trench coat has been manipulated to become some bad and ugly things! (Namely, World War I coats and anything in the Matrix). Although the origin of the trench coat is debated, Burberry comes out on top for me, because they are still famed for this iconic coat. It originates from Britain, so here's another thing we acquired from them! The rich khaki color and large buttons are so nostalgic, we yearn for it!

Who made it famous? The British army & Doctor Occult

Who loves it? Audrey Hepburn, Katie Holmes, Kurt Cobain


#10 Riding Boots

Obviously originally worn for riding horses, hence the name, they are worn today by anyone! These boots were also first used by the British Army, so lets take a moment to thank the Brits for these delicious riding boots! There's nothing sexier than crisp cream riding pants with some dirty riding boots! How not to wear them? With a heel! They're no longer really riding boots after that.

Who made it famous? Prince William, Hermes

Who loves it? January Jones, Taylor Swift


#11 Wide Leg Trousers

Where did the wide leg pants come from? Although there are numerous places to pinpoint an origin, I'm going to credit the 1970s bellbottoms. Bellbottoms were made highly popular (by our parents most likely!) by the hippie crowd, but everyone wore them. Today, wide leg pants have been streamlined and flare out only slightly all throughout the pants rather than just at the bottom. It's an exceptionally timeless look that deserves it's place on this list so I added a #11.

Who made them famous? Sonny and Cher

Who loves them? The Olsen twins, Jennifer Lopez

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Until next time,



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