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The Wallet Bag: Another Phase in Purses

Updated on June 12, 2013

The wallet bag is an alternative to the handbag or the purse. Some days you want to carry around a bulky bag with things you will need throughout the day. Other times you just want to carry the bare essentials around so you aren’t bogged down. On these days, the wallet bag may be what you need. The wallet bag is one of the latest products that you can choose in an extensive line of purses and handbags.

an example of a wallet bag.
an example of a wallet bag.

The History of the Handbag

If you want to understand where the wallet bag came from, we must first discuss the history of the handbag. The handbag, or purse as we call them today, has a long history that dates back to the times of ancient medicine. The first mention of a handbag-type accessory occurred in the 14th century, but Egyptian hieroglyphs have been discovered which showed people carrying pouches around their waist. During medieval times, handbags were adorned with jewels other items in order to show a person’s societal stature.

By the 16th century, handbag-type accessories became more of a practicality rather than a status symbol. Travelers used them and draped them across their body with supplies, food and tools in them. Both men and women carried handbags throughout the centuries and into the 19th century, too. In fact, the man’s luggage bag in the 1900s became the inspiration for the modern purse with fasteners, compartments and zippers for keeping things secure.

Wallet Bag: The Purse’s Latest Design

The wallet bag is designed much like a purse or handbag in that you can put your things in it and keep them secure. Most wallet bags have zippered compartments where you can keep your money, your license and other small items so they will not fall out.  Much like a purse, the wallet bag has an inside compartment, several compartments on the inside and a small outside compartment. The main difference between the wallet bag and an everyday purse is that the wallet bag comes with adjustable straps so you can carry it on your body several different ways, including around your waist, over your shoulder or you can just hold on to it.

Wallet bags are also like purses in that you can find them made from several different materials. You can choose from more elegant styles for a classy evening or a more casual style for going to clubs or out with friends.

How Much Should I Pay for My Wallet Bag?

As with any accessory worth having, a wallet bag can cost in the hundreds of dollars depending on the type of bag you choose and the brand you want. There are, however, affordable options, like a wallet bag for under $50, but you would have to settle for vinyl or some other material if you don’t want to spring for the genuine leather, suede or other expensive material. You can pretty much spend as little or as much on your new wallet bag as your budget allows.

When you purchase your new wallet bag, there are several things to look for to make sure you are getting a quality product. The stitching is one of the most important parts of any bag, and a wallet bag is no exception. Look for gaps in the stitching which could lead to bigger problems like a hole in the bag. You should also look for frayed stitching and loose seams. Also, make sure the connection between the straps and the bag are secure and durable. You can also inspect the metal parts of the bag, such as the fasteners, to make sure they are good quality. Plated metals may show signs of chipping and they won’t last as long as solid metals.

Tips for Accessorizing with Your Wallet Bag

Accessorizing is an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. A wallet bag, like a purse, is another accessory to your wardrobe and should be treated as such. For many women, the wallet bag is the most important accessory. If you are a smaller woman, a wallet bag may be an ideal accessory because it is small and it will not take the attention away from your body. For a woman with smaller breasts, a wallet bag with a thin strip is a great accessory to “accentuate the positives.” Simply choose a wallet bag with a neutral color and position the strap between the breasts to help them stand out. Women who are well-endowed, on the other hand, can use the wallet bag and its adjustable strap to draw attention away from her breasts. A bright-colored wallet bag with a long strap will tend to draw the eyes to that rather than the chest area.

Similar to a purse, a wallet bag can be multifunctional. You can use it to carry your stuff around during the day and you can use it to accentuate positive traits about your body or downplay other traits. It’s a good change from the everyday purse or handbag.

Review of the Namaste Wallet Bag


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