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Credit Card Wallets

Updated on June 3, 2013

Sometimes you just don’t want all that stuff. You know what I’m talking about. The wallet with all the baby pictures of your nieces and nephews and your boss’s grandchildren, the receipts from that computer monitor you bought three years ago and the muffler you replaced last year. You’ve got one of those wallets that’s bursting with every fortune cookie fortune you’ve ever gotten, in your life. Sometimes, you just want to start over, make a clean break. And, what do you really need to carry in your wallet? Your credit cards? Your driver’s license? A bit of cash?

For those of you who’d like to simplify, scale back, unburden yourself, a credit card wallet can be a godsend. Throw out that eight pound behemoth of leather! Get a new credit card wallet and get out from under.

Credit cards? Try a credit card wallet!
Credit cards? Try a credit card wallet!

Getting Your Credit Card Wallet

Like most accessories today, buying a credit card wallet is easier than ever. You can do an Internet search for the term credit card wallet and turn up a whole host of spots that sell these accessories. You will find credit card wallets of all prices and brands, from the rock bottom discount model to the most prestigious of designer wallets. Point your mouse and start shopping now!

A good place to start in your quest for a credit card wallet is the website by the people at Deluxe Moda. Here you will find handbags and wallets made by all the top fashion designers all in one convenient spot. And they will sell you these top of the line products at substantial savings too. Take, for example, a credit card wallet by Prada, the Prugna Wallet. This sleek little wallet measures only 4.2 inches by 2.8 inches, so it will slip easily into your pocket or your purse. The wallet features three pockets for your credit cards and other necessities. The genuine purple leather will look stylish and chic wherever you use it.

For more great buys on quality credit card wallets visit This online retailer offers five different credit card wallets at good prices. The Meridian Multi Window Card Case is a really convenient way to carry your ID and credit cards in a really compact space. It features both an interior and an exterior ID window as well as several inside slots for your other cards. This credit card wallet is fashioned from genuine napa leather for a luxuriantly soft and smooth feel.

Wallets for People Who Don’t Like Wallets

With their incredibly compact design, credit card wallets are perfect for people who feel chained to their old, bulky, full sized wallet. The enormous bulge a full sized wallet can make in your pocket makes you prey to pickpockets and thieves. Not only that, it’s downright uncomfortable to have to sit down on a wallet that’s almost 5 inches thick. Talk about back problems.

For people who want to break free from their old wallet, there’s a website that sells a credit card wallet especially for them. It’s called The Jimi, a wallet so thin and small you’ll hardly know you are carrying it. It’s especially popular among sporty types given that it’s made of waterproof plastic in a variety of colors and patterns. This credit card wallet also accommodates a lanyard, so that it can be attached to ski, biking, or other sports clothing to prevent it being lost. This is truly the wallet for those who hate them.

Personalize Your Credit Card Wallet

If you want a wallet that really says, this is me, then how about one that comes personalized with your initials? The Executive Gift Shoppe features a wallet such as this that can be personalized with up to three letters, free of charge. This genuine leather wallet has three outside slots and one interior slot for all your necessities. It also comes with a magnetic money clip for bills. When ordering, simply specify your initials, and the slim and stylish credit card wallet will be shipped directly to you.

As you can see, there are many routes to take to your wallet freedom. Purchase your credit card wallet and say goodbye to bulk!


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