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The Money Clip Wallet

Updated on June 6, 2013

Money clip wallets are becoming more and more popular as a wallet option. Rather than stuff your bills in your pocket, where they become crumpled and are likely to fall out on the ground, or put them in the inner pockets of bulky traditional wallets, money clip wallets offer a sleek and stylish alternate option. These wallets will save pocket space and keep your bills easy to access and safe from loss or theft.

The money clip is out.  The Money Clip Wallet is in.
The money clip is out. The Money Clip Wallet is in.

Types of Money Clip Wallets

For those of you who may not know a whole lot about money clip wallets, you may be surprised at how many types of this kind of wallet are available. There are differing locations for the money clip on the wallet and there are differing mechanisms used for the clip.

One basic type of money clip wallet places the clip in the outer surface of the wallet. These types of wallets are often made using a single leather slotted panel into which credit cards, drivers licenses, and other items can be placed. The clip is secured to the outside of the panel, under which bills can be secured. These money clip wallets are extremely sleek, taking up very little room in your pocket or sports coat. The bills are easily accessible, but the clip keeps them neatly folded and safe.

Those who need a bit more room in their wallets for cards or photos might opt for the double or triple panel options. These wallets fold shut just like more like traditional wallets. However, rather than opening the panel at the top of the wallet to place your bills inside, the clip is positioned such that, when the wallet is unfolded, the bills are right there, beneath the money clip. These wallets are stylish and unique and make quite a fashionable impression.

Another style of money clip wallet uses two magnets installed in either panel of the wallet that, when shut, magnetically secures your bills. Like the single panel money clip wallet described above, the magnetic wallets are very slim. These wallets will not create that obvious wallet bulge in the back pocket, deterring would be pickpockets from taking aim at your hard earned cash. These wallets also feature slots for credit cards or your driver’s license.

Money Clip Wallet Makers and Distributors

If you are in the market for a good money clip wallet, there are a number of great sources to check out on the Internet.

The Executive Gift Shoppe has a number of very stylish options to browse through. This online store has both the single panel and multiple panel types of money clip wallets as well as the magnetic clip varieties. As well, Executive Gift Shoppe offers an entire line of Major League Baseball clip wallets, each affixed with the logo of your home team, from the Baltimore Orioles to the Chicago Cubs to the San Diego Padres. Wallets can also be personalized with up to eight characters for the low price of $5.95.

Another stop to shop for money clip wallets is BizRate. BizRate actually acts as a conglomerator of many different stores that carry or design these kinds of wallets. At BizRate you will find direct links to Fox Creek, Neiman Marcus, Cole Haan, and other wallet retailers. The advantage of a conglomerator site such as this is the ability to comparison shop among many different stores and websites to find your favorite kind of wallet at the price you want to pay.

A Perfect appears to only carry a few money clip wallets, but what wallets they are! One, known as the Zurich Silver Plated Money Clamp by Beza, features a double-folding silver-plated money clip that would look at home on a millionaire, or James Bond. The single wallet panel, which holds up to 12 credit cards, is made from Congo faux crocodile leather. Wow, that’s a wallet.

Money Clip Wallets for Fun and Style

Every man needs a wallet. Every man carries a wallet. Every man will buy a dozen or more wallets in his lifetime. Given these facts, why not purchase a wallet with verve and style, one that will set you apart from the crowd? Money clip wallets are classy, but with a bit of flash. They are fun too, and a great way to store and secure your hard earned cash.


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    • catherinenbrooks profile image

      Catherine Brooks 6 years ago from Santa Rosa, CA

      Awesome article for money clip is best gifts idea..

    • Gift Experts profile image

      Gift Experts 7 years ago

      Women do love these clips, too - -oh, yeah!