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Flat Wallets for the On the Go Personality

Updated on June 7, 2013

Which type of person are you? The kind that seems to carry everything but the kitchen sink in your purse, everything from three kinds of breath mints, seven shades of lipstick, and a picture of every baby you’ve ever met? Or, are you more the kind that wants to go out on the town or for a stroll in the park without a whole lot of baggage holding you down? If you are one of those in the second group, you are probably a perfect candidate for a flat wallet. For the top in fashionable accessory without the bulk of the usual wallet, flat wallets are a definite must have item. But what exactly is a flat wallet?

Flat wallets are convenient to slip into your pocket or purse, backpack or briefcase!
Flat wallets are convenient to slip into your pocket or purse, backpack or briefcase!

The Types of Flat Wallets

Flat wallets are pretty much what you’d expect with a name like that. They are wallets with room to carry your credit cards, your ID, your cash, and your change, except instead of the old-fashioned kind of wallet that seemed like it was a foot thick and weighed ten pounds, flat wallets are stylish and sleek. They are thin. They slip easily into a small hand bag without taking up a lot of room. And there are three basic types of flat wallet, including the standard flat wallet, the frame wallet, and the opera wallet.

Standard flat wallets are generally wallets that snap closed at the top and are composed of  two roughly same sized halves. Inside these wallets are slots for holding credit cards, driver’s licensees, and dollar bills. Sometimes flat wallets have interior change pockets, whereas other models might have exterior pockets for change with a separate snap closure. These wallets are often made in fun, less formal designs and can come in polka dotted or stripped patterns.

Frame flat wallets are structured around a supporting metal frame that acts to keep the wallet sleek and rigid and as the hinge upon which the wallet opens. These types of flat wallets are particularly stylish and are favored by women who are spending a night out at the clubs or bars or at a good restaurant.

Opera wallets are a subgroup of the other kinds of flat wallets and are usually a bit dressier than the standard flat wallets. These wallets are perfect for special occasions such as when you are out on a date or, as the name implies, when you to go to the opera or symphony. There are often made of fine leather and come in both bold and classic patterns and finishes.

Purchasing Your Flat Wallet

Whichever of the three types of flat wallet you are looking for, there are many options for places that sell them. Since you are interested in wallets that are flat, how about starting with a retailer who claims to have the world’s thinnest wallet? is the place that can solve all of your fat wallet problems! Whether you are a man and are looking for a really sleek wallet that won’t bulge out your pocket or you are a woman seeking out a flat wallet, Big Skinny might be your best bet. Testimonials on this fun website claim up and down that these are most definitely the skinniest wallets made in the world.

For a really unique accessory, there are spots that can custom monogram your flat wallet for you. One such place for monogrammed wallets is the online store, Amber Marie. The flat wallets here are a fun polka dotted style that you can have initialed in either pink or lime green. Just tell them which letter you want and Amber Marie will ship you your personalized flat wallet for only $19.99.

Lastly, for a smattering of the coolest flat wallets styles and makes, stop in at Accessory City for some online shopping. Perhaps you would like the Croco Print Spotted Wallet in either blue or yellow? This fun and funky wallet features a textured crocodile print and spots with room for cards, cash, and even a checkbook. Or, for something a bit simpler, the simply named Flat Wallet with Pocket might be your style. It’s sleek, simple, and highly stylish.

The key thing to remember when thinking about flat wallets is how liberated you’ll feel when you ditch your usual brick of a wallet and go for something thin. Thin, fun, and fashionable, that’s flat wallets for you.


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