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Hi, not a stupid question I promise. What gauge size earring should be used on a 1.5mm dermal punch?

I'm 24 btw. if I have my cartilage punched with a 1.5mm...dermal, would it be better to wear 16g or 14g? I have a 16g captive bead titanium earring I really like. I was told they wouldn't punch any smaller. I don't want big holes in my ears, just, I'm prone to keloids & piercing related infections so I'd just rather have the hole punched, (yes, I do want a permanent hole). What do you think? It would be at the helix. Also, if I have to wear the 14g jewelry, chances are the 16g would be too small later, right?


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Raye (relache) says

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6 years ago
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