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Evil Pumpkin Tattoos

Updated on November 1, 2014

Tattoos of Evil Pumpkins

For those who love a good horror picture and scare, there's nothing much better than an evil pumpkin or Jack-O-Lantern, whether fixed on the head of an evil creature, or possibly on a scarecrow, or other creative uses to create that tense atmosphere conducive to a film or TV show that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

So it's no surprise that fans of the horror genre, Halloween, or evil-looking pumpkins decide to have them inked on their skin in a permanent fashion.

While there are at times some secondary characters and scenarios included with evil pumpkin tattoos, overall the pumpkin is definitely the star of this art show, and everything in the tattoo design centers around the pumpkin and its evil look.

Sometimes the pumpkin tattoo is obviously related to the Halloween season, and other times seems to stand as its own as just evil, no matter what time of the year it is.

Either way, the evil pumpkin tattoos are for the purpose of offering a disturbing image, although the caricatures of an evil pumpkin can be very funny as well.

Evil Pumpkin Faces

Most, but not all of the faces of the evil pumpkins bear a resemblance to the traditional carving of a pumpkin face on Halloween, although with a definite leaning towards a sinister look in the case of the evil Jack-O-Lantern ink.

As for the pumpkin tattoo designs, they are about half and half as far as color or dark in goes. You have the orange color of actual pumpkins in the cases of pumpkins being tattooed in color, and the rest are the dark greys and blacks. As in all my tattoo designs, I prefer the latter.

Let's look at some of the way artists and those wanting evil pumpkin tattoos imagined and designed them.

Evil Pumpkin Tattoo with Bat Wings

Even though this first look at an evil pumpkin tattoo design isn't exactly troubling, it is actually a much better design than the cartoonish look it has at the first look.

For example, the cavernous eyes are done very well, something a lot of tattoo artist fail to do well in this and other similar genres. But I was most impressed with the way the veins in the wings were portrayed.

What was odd to me it was like the tattoo was done half cartoonish and half seriously, creating this interesting result. It is definitely good for a laugh or two.

Pumpkin Tattoo Photo with Bat Wings

pumpkin tattoo with bat wings
pumpkin tattoo with bat wings

Evil Pumpkin Tattoo on Arm

This particular pumpkin tattoo was odd to me, specifically in relationship to the odd way the eye was designed on the left. That appears to be a fail, and not something intentionally done.

It does appear to partially have the shape of a bat though, so maybe it was done on purpose, without the expected results.

What's odd to me is there are times I look at it without too much focus, and it looks decent, but then when I zoom in on it, again, it seems distorted. Interesting.

Evil Pumpkin Tattoo with Bats

For the first time in this tattoo gallery we get a little more of the sense of foreboding when looking at a pumpkin design.

Those eyes and dark interior behind the mouth suggest something is not right with this guy. Also those two friends flying around imply he's hanging out with, or attracting, the wrong type of friends.

Speaking of the bats, I really like the way they were designed. They look awesome to me.

Pumpkin Tattoo with Bones Sticking Through it

My favorite part of this evil pumpkin tattoo design is probably the eyes. They were well done and capture that ominous look you like when looking at something that is supposed to be scary in some way.

Also interesting was the decision to have blue for where you break the gourd off of the vine.


Evil Pumpkin Tattoo on Shoulder

With this pumpkin tattoo the design goes up to another level, as you can clearly see from the great results. Along with the great, disturbing eyes, you have that furrowed forehead, that seems to be bursting in anger.

The darker colors underneath the pumpkin set it up to be presented very well without interfering with the design. Nice job.

Evil Pumpkin Shoulder Tattoo

Now here the artist really captures the essence of evil resident in the pumpkin. That furrows in the brow, all across the eyes and nose, look awesome. That dark holes where the eyes, nose and mouth are really look great against the grey and light background.

Evil Pumpkin Tattoo Head on Scarecrow

Now how amazing is this evil pumpkin tattoo? The dark colors are extraordinary, and are blended just right with the light colors to highlight the pumpkin and the scarecrow body in just the right places.

The shadow and detail are amazing. A lot of work had to go into this design, and it shows. This is really an attention grabber.

Evil Pumpkin Tattoo Designs

We have a little bit of everything with this gallery of evil pumpkin tattoo designs. We start with those that appear evil, but still in cartoon form, down to some serious looking bad boys you wouldn't want to run into in the garden or the pumpkin patch.


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