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  1. Sed-me profile image81
    Sed-meposted 9 years ago

    I don't think I've ever posted in this forum... mostly 'cause I could care less about the topic. But, (Hey! Are you listening to me or looking at the pic?!) I noticed this post and had to share it. What do you  think about Calvin Klein's first plus size model? They say she is a size 10, but reports put her at a size 8. Any thoughts on this?

  2. Aime F profile image71
    Aime Fposted 9 years ago

    I think that says something pretty awful about how people view a woman's body. I really don't get it. What is "plus" sized about this woman? Why can't we just call her a model without the insinuation that she's larger than a model should be? Shouldn't women who model clothing only be considered plus size if they're modelling bigger clothing? This girl is probably wearing a size medium underwear and I don't want to live in a world where size 8-10 is labelled "plus size". I don't think any model smaller than a 14 has any business being called a plus size model since she's not wearing plus size clothing.

    1. Sed-me profile image81
      Sed-meposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I dont know Aime, I can't see her ribs... or her blood vessels. I think you should be able to see at least one lymph node to be considered a "real" model.

      1. RockyMountainMom profile image68
        RockyMountainMomposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        That might be your screen---I can see ribs on my laptop.  She is lovely and well proportioned, but not plus sized in the least, in my opinion.

        As to lymph nodes, at that BMI, if her under-arm lymph node were at all enlarged, it would show.

        This is very interesting, because I lost over 50 pounds due to illness and got a lot of compliments.  My size still changes too frequently to have consistently fitting clothes.  I was a fairly active person and at some points very fit before my illness, but she still looks more like my post illness body proportions than my pre-illness proportions.  Which is not to say she looks ill or bad in any way, just not plus size (or even post baby pretty well rounded healthy person relatable).

        It is interesting that they are promoting this as fitting a demographic that I don't think will relate very highly with this image, making me wonder if this was intended to cause a stir instead?

    2. RockyMountainMom profile image68
      RockyMountainMomposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Well said

  3. Dale Hyde profile image81
    Dale Hydeposted 9 years ago

    This mentioned and pictured model sort of fits the same as those ten models on the link below. … odels.html

    I am thinking that plus-size does not mean like overweight, but what we would say as "healthy" or "big boned" and I also would think that many of the WWE (wrestlers) Divas would fit this tag.

    1. Sed-me profile image81
      Sed-meposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I don't see this girl as "big boned"... I see her as healthy and perfectly proportioned.

      1. Dale Hyde profile image81
        Dale Hydeposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I certainly feel she may be tall for sure looking at the bone structure.  Taller than what is considered "average" for women.

        1. Sed-me profile image81
          Sed-meposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          You don't see a lot of short models. Maybe someday that will change too.

          1. RockyMountainMom profile image68
            RockyMountainMomposted 9 years agoin reply to this

            Sorry if too much info, but logistically speaking: with shorter women, their boobs are too close to their waistline, which makes most clothing not fit as flatteringly.  If they started making more flattering clothing for shorter women, they could start using more models because the clothes would be more flattering on them, and in real life.  It is very hard to be short, have an average or large-ish bra size, and still look slim in most clothing, even if you are slim.

            Fashion is certainly not usually a topic of interest for me, either, but this thread is interesting.

            This proportion issue is also why I see what was meant by the big-boned comment earlier----she has a more average, non-tiny body structure, making the 8 versus 10 issue interesting.....because it's a matter of proportion rather than the number there as well...Even if she's a size ten, her proportions look more like an 8 or a 6 would on someone my height and build, is the sense i get from the photo....

            1. Sed-me profile image81
              Sed-meposted 9 years agoin reply to this

              Who are we trying to impress? Women are taught to hate ourselves no matter what our size, men don't want to see pics with our clothes on anyway... so what's the point? Why don't we just retire all the models and give them a job at Burger King. That way, they can finally eat and we can all start liking ourselves.

              1. RockyMountainMom profile image68
                RockyMountainMomposted 9 years agoin reply to this


              2. RockyMountainMom profile image68
                RockyMountainMomposted 9 years agoin reply to this

                This is what was so sad about all the compliments I got after losing weight, because they all came from people who knew how sick I was.  It's not that they didn't mean well, it's just that to them it was this huge bright side, and some even said, "I want Lyme disease, too!"  That, to me, is incredibly sad.  I would trade the fifty pounds for my health and career back in a heart beat, and hiking and skiing with my kids----but some folks I think really would take Lyme to lose the weight.  No one with the actual illness would though, not in a million years.

                I even have gotten animosity from strangers a couple of times, up to and including, "I hate skinny b****s, they make me sick".  So ironic to be desperately trying to put on weight and stay healthy enough to be out of bed at all, and have someone feel OK about a comment like that.  Another Lyme patient I know had a stranger come up to her at a sporting event and say, "I'm sure you think that looks good, but let me tell you, it's disgusting."    It really is sad that in either direction, we can't win....

  4. RockyMountainMom profile image68
    RockyMountainMomposted 9 years ago

    The ask men article is really interesting, but a good example of a completely horrible mobile experience (as a side note).  I couldn't take it....i'll have to try again on my laptop later.

    Really is a shame when a site massacres their own content like that.

  5. RockyMountainMom profile image68
    RockyMountainMomposted 9 years ago

    Actually, I am currently a size 4 (because of my illness) and am proportionally shaped very much like her right now.  Which makes the plus size distinction all the more fascinating.  In fact, some of my size four clothes are too small, yet she looks even slimmer than me. 

    I am currently smaller than I was in high school and weigh less than I did when I was on an elite firefighting crew that required extremely high fitness standards (at a time when few women were on those crews).  Yet I look a little bit rounder than a "plus size model".  That is pretty interesting.

  6. peeples profile image93
    peeplesposted 9 years ago

    If that is "plus size" My 128 lbs must be morbidly obese!

  7. profile image0
    calculus-geometryposted 9 years ago

    It's heavily photoshopped like any other photo of a 'standard' model in a magazine.  In real life she's more 'plus' than what the picture shows. Photo editors almost always smooth out leg and arm ripples, erase a wide margin of the arms/legs/stomach, narrow the neck, airbrush the skin, and do a face lift for good measure.  You're never looking at the real thing.   

    Models often complain that they have been photoshopped too much and that the published pictures look nothing like them. The retouched versions make even the models feel bad about their bodies. Here's a recent example.

    1. Sed-me profile image81
      Sed-meposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Her face looks too big for her body in the retouched one.

  8. Jo Harley profile image60
    Jo Harleyposted 8 years ago

    I hadn't noticed she was plus size. If they're going to go plus size she should look like it. Jus' sayin
    The brand is fine and dandy but I can't wear it because I'm ACTUALLY plus size...
    I don't have problem with me ... I just don't understand why they advertise people as plus size when they're obviously not. I mean ... seriously?

    1. Sed-me profile image81
      Sed-meposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Amen, Jo. smile

  9. profile image54
    eileenstevensposted 8 years ago

    I think this model is not plus sized and has a perfect figure, but there are others out there who are actually plus size models and are doing well in their career displaying the various plus size fashion trends today.


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