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How to pluck and shape eyebrows?

  1. garbage free profile image58
    garbage freeposted 8 years ago

    How to pluck and shape eyebrows?

    Although a lot depends on face shape and so on, the best general way to pluck eyebrows?

  2. csd1509 profile image67
    csd1509posted 8 years ago

    i think the best way is through a beautician i get tears when i do it myself.. but if u have no prob doing it the least painfull way is to pull the skin where you want to pluck , so u kinda stretch the place with two fingers and then pluck the hair out as for the shape i wouldnt take away a lot at once if ure not sure take off bit by bit...

  3. Chachafance profile image75
    Chachafanceposted 8 years ago

    I purchased a "tiny razor" by Noxzema you can find them in the beauty section of a store like Walmart or even a grocery store (found mine in Publix). They're really cheap and come 3 in a pack.

    You can search for "Noxzema Eyebrow Shaper" on Amazon and it should come up.

    They're really easy and painless to use. Just be careful because any sudden movement can shave off too much. This is what I use because I hate plucking. It comes out just as nice!

  4. hinckles koma profile image64
    hinckles komaposted 8 years ago

    Well I am growing my eyebrows now for 1 week.  I went to a cheap salon and it ruined me.  I like threading now, waxing gives me the wrong shape. The hair grows slower with threading.