How do you feel about men trying on clothing in a womans wear store

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  1. profile image56
    curious5752posted 14 years ago

    How do you feel about men trying on clothing in a womans wear store

    I am a male who is tired of buying ladies clothing just to get home and find it is the wrong size or cut.  The past two times In different stores when the sales lady asked about the woman I am buying for I said the item was for me and could I try it on before buying The sales lady was very helpfull in checking the changing room and in finding the right size and style.  It has saved me from buying the wrong size twice and I have bought two very nice pants suits.  I was wondering what other people thought about this subject?

    1. profile image53
      Linda Stormposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Not a problem as long as one keeps their private parts covered.

      1. Encyclopedia-kaos profile image60
        Encyclopedia-kaosposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        do you not expect the same from women??

  2. Galadriel Arwen profile image69
    Galadriel Arwenposted 14 years ago

    Is the question you asked about why they do it? Then, probably the same reason that women wear men's clothing. I do not think that it is a good idea for them to try on the clothing in the store unless there are safety precautions in the dressing rooms. Most female dressing rooms are open areas. It would not be acceptable in the USA for a man to go into a female toilet or bath area at the gym so, why should it be okay for them to go into an open female dressing room. All dressing areas are habitats for germs and this is why it is suggested that folks wash their clothing before they wear them.

    1. Encyclopedia-kaos profile image60
      Encyclopedia-kaosposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Most? in all my years as a shopaholic i've only ever been to one "open area" dressing room and that was in a retro store on height street, meaning they did it for the novel nostalgia that comes with such an outdated way of doing things.

      as for your comment on germs, ive seen some nasty women go into dressing rooms, with under garments to try on... so i dont see how hygine has anything to do with this topic

  3. profile image56
    curious5752posted 14 years ago

    Thank you for your open and honest answer.  I would like to hear  from more women about how and why they think on this subject.   My idea is to find really nice womans clothing that fits me without a lot of going back and forth to get the right size.

  4. Chris_S profile image60
    Chris_Sposted 14 years ago

    Well I'm not a woman but I am a man who wears womens clothing exclusively so I simathize with your situation. I buy a lot online but also buy retail. I've used the womens dressing room at Macy's once with no problem but there was no one around.

    White House/Black Market is a women's clothing store and they have dressing rooms at the back of the store along both sides. They are all separate with closing doors and are located just off the lounging area at the back with a wall of mirrors. Very classy and comfortable. The women there are so sweet and helpful! I went in there and shopped for myself just like I was at a menswear store. They made recommendations on styles, fits and sizing. They even brought me additional things to try on that they thought I might like. The minute I had walked in the store, they knew I was shopping for me. Highly recommend them and places like them.

    Regarding the response below, I don't buy the safety arguments. Women's dressing rooms are like mens. Neither are communal dressing areas. They each have there own separate cubby's with closing doors. No one walks out of their cubby in their underwear or naked, they walk out clothed. Germs are eveywhere, they exist in both dressingrooms. As long as you are not rubbing your naked body all over the dressing area you're probably going to be okay.

  5. dieseldodge09 profile image66
    dieseldodge09posted 14 years ago

    "JUST A OPINION" definitly not serious.  I think I would laugh my blank off if I saw a man trying on clothes in a womans store.  I think it would be quite awkward to see that no offense to you if you want to try on womens clothes hey I think you are lucky to get go into the womens dressing room, any man would want to be there. lol

  6. Udara de Charon profile image61
    Udara de Charonposted 12 years ago

    Well well folks, I ain't gonna say no to anybody who's trying to wear women's clothing in a womans wear store. But I guess you know about the opinion of majority of people. They might think that you are a transsexual or homosexual person.

    Sadly our society consist of outdated norms, rules and regulations which are outdated and absurd. But the laws are refined my friend, anybody can cross dress, even me myself can. Everybody is protected by the laws bound to safeguard our human rights.

    Glad that people are trying to get themselves out of the box. Keep it up

  7. profile image58
    Lucky0967posted 8 years ago

    That good this no afriad of it as men can wear women clothes, I do wear cos I feel so comfortable as I wear most of time..  Good for u

  8. profile image0
    Hoseyposted 5 years ago

    I am a straight tattooed macho man that in no way can pass as a woman but just love the feel and the excitement of wearing womens clothes. In my area we have a few stores to choose from like Avenue, Dress Barn and Lane Bryant that allow men to try on outfits. I have never been mistreated or harrassed while shopping at these stores. The employees are trained to treat all customers the same. My wife doesn't even know about my secret passion. The salespeople at these stores are the only ones that have seen me in a dress ,heels and hose. Just the other day I tried on a dress and the associate gal offered me another style that would be more appealing. When I go shopping I always wear my pantyhose under my jeans with either flats or a low heeled pump so I can check out the overall look before purchasing. After trying on an outfit the other day I purchased it and walked out the store wearing it. Luckily for me my wife doesn't get home for several hours after I do so I have my alone time.

    1. PerpetualHardOn profile image60
      PerpetualHardOnposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Good job Hosey, (nice looking legs too!)we need more people like those who helped you, but those other attitudes like-even in this forum-the one above
      "JUST A OPINION" definitly not serious.  I think I would laugh my blank off if I saw a man trying on clothes in a womans store."
      are what is going to be the biggest road blocks we face.
      I am a heterosexual, I wear stockings-very comfortable, the obligatory garter belt-have a couple that are near girdle perfect and I love them, panties, regular and crotchless-hey, it needs more room than it's sister does ya know, corset, cami, silk/satin/nylon/etc night gowns-anywhere from my butt cheeks to below the knee-all very comfortable BUT, I had to eyeball things when my wife and I went shopping. We hit second hand stores 25 years ago, it was our only out at that time. Men could not take ladies lingerie to the men's dressing rooms and we were not allowed in the women's dressing rooms. You know the looks and attitudes were either hateful or in wonder and amazement.
      Not for the lack of trying at home, I could never pull off walking out of a store dressed. I am so un-passable, (62 y/o 5'7" 175, I got me some nice bicep's and fantastic looking legs-shapely-and look more like a oilfield roughneck + tattoos) plus life has given me some scars because of this, as you know-crossdressing is not for wimps.
      I am settled in the fact I may never walk out the house looking like a woman. Don't take this wrong-I like being a man, I like wearing lingerie, I'm straight, my wife is on board. I wear stockings every day garters almost every day, panties 2 times a day-ones I woke up in, then the ones I change into after a shower. I have worn full corset-panties-garters-stockings under my clothes to a club in Portland OR, wife and I caught a show, crossdressers everyone.One of them used the restroom while I was in it, asked to see what I was wearing, and said I should hang around after ...yeah, I'm far to shy for that...I love that we are accepted more now.
      Not saying anything as to someones situation, but I do wish they would break up the grouping.I am not wanting to transition to a female, I am heterosexual, I don't want big tits...well not on me-I'd never get anything done, so heterosexual crossdressers are....lesbians? Thats for another page though.
      Thank you for being here for us....


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