what mean by fashion in todays life in the world

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    bogineniposted 8 years ago

    what mean by fashion in todays life in the world

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    Katharellaposted 7 years ago

    Hi bogineni, Another great question about "fashion!"

    I just think that in today's life in the world, fashion is pretty much going so vastly dramatic that almost anything IS "IN" fashion! Everybody seems to be out to make their own personalized fashion statement, only to learn that others are doing the same things! Like coloring your hair, Pink or Blue!
    I think it's just plain hard to be "out of style" on much of anything! Sure stores are trying to convince us that buying THEIR "in" style for "this season" (whichever one it may be) is just their way of trying to keep in business rather than just saying "Here, this is what we have, mix it up" because that's what people are generally doing it seems!
    I'm going to follow this question of yours to see what others have to say, because there is just so many differences in defining fashion that just about anything seems to be "in fashion" regardless of what the stores say! Even look at how many are going "Vintage" and it's "IN STYLE" but it wasn't, say 10 years ago, if you wore "vintage" you were not in style! I'm the jeans and tshirt girl a lot, but also when I go out, I can mix things up! I don't think I've gotten rid of any of my clothes since the disco era LOL, of course at my age, and (weight ugh) lol, I can't fit into most of it, but I can't part with it either. I guess as one who just loves fashion I hope that one day it'll be "fashionably IN" for someone in their 60's to wear what they did when they were 20! The bright side of that is I won't be out of fashion wearing my "vintage" clothing! lol! smile
    I think I just love all the fashion era's and hate to see them be bygones! I do like that leg warmers are back, because when it is cold, and I want to wear a skirt or even my capree's my legs will be warm, and I'll be "in fashion." Regardless of my age!
    Great question! I'm anxious to see what others have to say on the topic!
    p.s. Your photo is small but I'm interested in looking into some of your hubs as you seem to be someone who is highly interested in fashion! smile
    Kathy (aka Katharella!)