Okay here is a question.... I have a gray undertone to my teeth. I have tried n

  1. Wandah profile image76
    Wandahposted 8 years ago

    Okay here is a question....

    I have a gray undertone to my teeth. I have tried numerous...

    products to try and whiten my teeth, but nothing really works that well.

    Here are some of what I've tried.

    Crest Premium White Strips
    Bright Now which was done in the mall..
    Take home Dental Trays/dental whitener from my dentist.

    The product that worked the best was actually the crest premium white strips, but I had to use them everyday for about three weeks before I saw any change and my teeth began to get very sensitive. And I still didn't get white teeth they just looked really clean.

    Can gray undertone teeth become white, if so what can I use to whiten them dramatically?

  2. quiddlercard game profile image55
    quiddlercard gameposted 7 years ago

    You can try with 30 second smile toothbrush. It worked for me. Message me if you are interested.

  3. ZOOSMC profile image61
    ZOOSMCposted 7 years ago

    Hi Wandah
    I am in the dental field and have actually performed the chair side bleaching  procedure many times for patients and also made trays for them to take home as you have done. Unfortunately I have to explain to them that gray stains and gray overtones just don't bleach as well.  For some reason these stains just don't bleach as well as yellow stains. We have had some gray-stained patients that have had some luck with the chair side bleaching method where the teeth are bleached right in the office. If you haven't tried this method you might want to look into it...and also continue to bleach at home for a week or so after you have the procedure in the office. This might make them  a little whiter. I actually wrote a hub on the three bleaching methods if you would like to take a look..hubpages.com/hub/some-interesting-facts-about-bleaching-your-teeth
    sorry my news is not so good for you...but most of the time people's teeth are not as stained as they think and actually the gray stains are much less noticeable that the yellow!
    Keep smiling!:-)