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What's the best place to buy authentic designer handbags?

  1. lender3212000 profile image74
    lender3212000posted 8 years ago

    What's the best place to buy authentic designer handbags?

  2. ilmdamaily profile image62
    ilmdamailyposted 8 years ago

    If by "designer" you mean hand-made and designed by real people, then www.etsy.com is the best place.

    If you mean Gucci etc, then i'm afraid I don't know:-(

  3. Heywife profile image55
    Heywifeposted 8 years ago

    If you're looking for Authentic designer bags you can buy directly online ie. ( Coach.com ) (louisvuitton.com) etc.  Those are the only place I'd purchase from online.  The actual Authentic websites. 

    The individual designer stores themselves.  Coach.  Louis Vuitton that you can look up.  ( Google for your area or look on their website for store locations.)   Also,  Large department stores sell them.  Macy's.  Dillard's. Nordstroms. etc.   and last but not least.  If you have outlet Malls in your area.  They're definitely worth going to.  You can save quite a bit of money there. 

    If you're looking for designer inspired.   They're pretty much available everywhere.  Be careful though. You get what you pay for.

    Hope this helps

  4. Snowdianna profile image54
    Snowdiannaposted 7 years ago

    Well, if you want the designer authentic handbags, you should go to the official site to order one or you can go to the handbags store in the super mall to shop one.
    But personally, I think the aaa grade replica handbags are very good too with a low price. My friend sara days before brought a LV handbag at http://www.popselling.com and it looks, feels as the authentic ones

  5. Leenie Pooh profile image58
    Leenie Poohposted 7 years ago

    Have you tried gilt.com? They have designer brands and special members only prices. Membership is free.

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    replica handbagposted 7 years ago

    Last week,I bought a lv handbags at http://www.bagsbeauty.com/   the quality is very good ,and I am satisfied with the custmer service,so I recommend you to look at it

  7. moonface profile image55
    moonfaceposted 7 years ago

    KeyPieces http://www.designerkeypieces.com sells authentic designer bags with big discounts. They are based in the UK but ship worldwide, well worth a look.

  8. wildorangeflower profile image68
    wildorangeflowerposted 7 years ago

    Amazon.com is the place to go, they have a reputation and a name. For each specific designer handbags go to their own sites.

  9. profile image44
    Inlovewithpursesposted 7 years ago

    I do sell  pre-owned authentic designer handbags and purses.  They are in excellent to very good condition.  I also have a few purses that are new with tags.  I add more items everyday, so it would be best to check out my store daily.  I hope to see you there.

  10. handbagdiva profile image47
    handbagdivaposted 7 years ago

    Like other people have said, the actual website is a good place, though you're going to pay an arm and a leg. You can also try other well known discount stores online. Many of them have a clearance section.

    If you're concerned with authenticity but still want a good price, researching the individual bag and buying it on Ebay can save a great deal of money. One of the best ways to avoid fakes is to stick with the lesser known brands - these are usually not counterfeited.

  11. aalenr profile image50
    aalenrposted 7 years ago

    honestly deal directly with the italians, or if you want go to amazon and deal with the mark up..
    On my site i have a wholesale list up for sale

  12. Song-Bird profile image80
    Song-Birdposted 7 years ago

    Amazon has a pretty good collection with great markdowns.  Also, I know that Coach has outlet stores where they sell handbags at discounted prices.

  13. profile image0
    hwatson07posted 7 years ago

    Find an outlet mall! They will have authentic bags that are not 'in season,' but it's definitely the real-deal. And since it's in the outlet, it'll be marked down significantly. I have an outlet mall nearby that has Coach, Michael Kors, Burberry, etc.

  14. profile image0
    Helpful Hannaposted 7 years ago

    Amazon is a great resource.  They carry just about everything, great prices, free shipping, and they accept returns.  It seems like you can't go wrong when you purchase from them.

  15. Adeela Sulahry profile image53
    Adeela Sulahryposted 7 years ago

    Amazon is a great resource to buy authentic designer handbags. This is the place where you can buy every product easily and without wasting of your time.

  16. jonywoker profile image57
    jonywokerposted 7 years ago

    If you want to buy authentic designer handbags,Visit Shiang in UK.
    There are many varieties with purses,hand bags,shoes & other accessories with Latest designs..


  17. beautybrand profile image51
    beautybrandposted 7 years ago

    Some boutiques will sell the authentic handbags, you can go and see the fashion place.

  18. rumanasaiyed profile image79
    rumanasaiyedposted 4 years ago

    Here is a link for one of such  handbag supplier http://rumanasaiyed.hubpages.com/hub/La … -wholesale

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    LuisGCposted 3 years ago


    i already buy some  bags from http://www.hostyles.es/  LEO LI is good man, He told me how to distinguish the quality of the bag. So i write this,  hope can help someone.

  20. Tricoma profile image58
    Tricomaposted 3 years ago

    A shop in China sells many high quality dersigner bags like Chanel, Coach, Gucci, LV, Juicy and Hermes etc

    The prices are very cheap and accept paypal

    The link is : http://www.cctrue.es/

    Maybe you want to take a look and try to buy something from this store.

  21. profile image53
    Henliyposted 3 years ago

    try www.busicn.es, a very good website to buy replica items, LV handbags, Nike shoes, Gucci watches, etc. my friend and i bought two LV bags there, the quality is very good and price is nice.