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hi i just got a tattoo done and a part of the scar was ripped off and it looks l

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    Nikkkiposted 8 years ago

    hi i just got a tattoo done and a part of the scar was ripped off and it looks like the color is...

    gone....do you think the artist will be able to fix it......and i kinda picked at the loose scabs will that effect it?

  2. corisong1 profile image60
    corisong1posted 8 years ago

    OMG, what have you done.  Unless you want a bloody huge scar on your arm or whether the tat is, go to a doctor and get it removed before the infected part gets gangrene and falls off.  GET IT SEEN TO NOW.

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    SamiiSmithposted 8 years ago

    Tattoo's do not look good in 20 years, you will expect that, but if you just got it you NEED to get it seen! If you leave it, it will most likely get infected!

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    Read em and Weapposted 8 years ago

    Go back to your tattoo artist immediately and see if they can fix it  and for God's sake stop picking at it. Did you walk out of the tattoo shop with instructions on how to care for your new tattoo and did you follow those instructions? How well you care for your tattoo in that first week or so will dictate how the final result will be. Again, go back to the shop ASAP, they may be able to fix it for you and take good care.

    When I had my tattoo done I was told that if any areas looked lighter then I was happy with I could go back and get a touch up. Obviously the scab is going to peal and fall off but the color shouldn't go with it so I say again, go back to your artist.

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    Nikkkiposted 8 years ago

    i think i said that wrong.....A LITTLE peace of a SCAB was ripped off and it LOOKS like the color is gone from that one place....it's NOT INFECTED and the parts of the scabs that were peeling of already i just gave them a little help.

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    relacheposted 8 years ago

    Picking at scabs is a great way to ruin your own tattoo.

    If you let the entire thing heal (and don't mess it up more) you can go back and get the parts with ink missing recolored.  It's called getting a touch-up.

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      vinnieboyposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      HI, I need advice on a tattoo i had done. I had two done on one arm & the first healed nicely but when the second  one healed & the scab fell off it took the tat with it. How do I prevent a tat from scabbing? PLEASE