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Has anyone else been scammed by scriptlance? I was just ripped off by a program

  1. ipod-lounge profile image56
    ipod-loungeposted 7 years ago

    Has anyone else been scammed by scriptlance?  I was just ripped off by a programmer I hired...

    through scriptlance.  I would not recommend using this website!  Even though you can put the money in escrow, you will never get it back if the programmer never finishes the project you hired them for.  In fact, scriptlance threatened to press charges again me if I dispute the charges with my credit card company.

  2. MyWebs profile image82
    MyWebsposted 7 years ago

    If you didn't receive the services you paid for then you have every right to dispute the charges.

    I sure wouldn't let their threats scare me. If anything I would bet their threats are either illegal or bordering on illegal. You paid for a service and didn't receive it and now you wish to dispute the charges. What exactly are they going to press charges against you for? There is nothing! You are the victim here. Don't let scriptlance scare or intimidate you with their intimidating threats.

    I just read this on scriptlance: "Members may not file a complaint with one of our payment processors, including PayPal or 2checkout, regarding the funds deposited into their account. " I can't believe that is legal and would hold up in court. You may need a lawyer or research the payment processor used to see if that statement goes against their TOU. I can't believe someone, like for example PayPal, would allow this.

    You should carefully read any contracts and TOU you agreed to and see if their is a stipulation for paying for partially completed work. Problem for you is that a partially completed program that doesn't work is usually just as useless as having nothing.

    Just based on that statement from scriptlance they seem like an unethical company and borderline scam.

  3. ipod-lounge profile image56
    ipod-loungeposted 7 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback.  Also, most projects take longer than 30 days to complete so how are you suppose to know if the programmer is doing what they are paid to do within 30 days if the project takes 60 days to complete?

    Here is what Scriptlance wrote to me in a support ticket:

    "When you signedup for our services, you agreed not to reverse any deposits and you've signed a declaration for the same. So please stay assured about our abilities to press charges for recovery of money against you for any such attempts."

    I think I will contact Paypal and let them know about this TOU.

  4. Cheeky Girl profile image72
    Cheeky Girlposted 7 years ago

    There have been cases won where terms of use or terms and conditions were found to be unfair or unreasonable. Your case could be one such case. I however am going by UK law. But American law should be the same.

    Sounds like the company in question are running scared to me, and they are terrified you will figure it out. Too late, you have.