Have you ever sold or purchased clothing on consignment?

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  1. Sunshine625 profile image89
    Sunshine625posted 10 years ago

    Have you ever sold or purchased clothing on consignment?

  2. Tess45 profile image74
    Tess45posted 10 years ago

    I sell clothing I no longer like or fits me to a store that gives me the option of cash or store credit. I have also bought beautiful designer dresses and vintage dresses for a steal at thrift stores like the Goodwill and church/ministry thrift shops.

  3. celebritie profile image73
    celebritieposted 10 years ago

    I have purchased items on consignment before because it was for a really rare necklance that I wanted to resell. Consignment stores are also great for vintage clothing.

  4. smoothbikini profile image54
    smoothbikiniposted 10 years ago

    i have bought quite a few items from a store called plato's closet (i believe they are a franchise) and have been very pleased with the quality and prices.

  5. Sunshine625 profile image89
    Sunshine625posted 10 years ago

    Plato's Closet is a franchise. We have one in Orlando and my daughters shop their often and they have sold their clothing to them!

    1. fpherj48 profile image62
      fpherj48posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Hard to believe so many of our hubs are as old as they are!  We talk a lot about "consignment shops."  I never lose the urge to visit as many as I can find.  Around my neck of the woods, it seems a new one pops up every year.

  6. fpherj48 profile image62
    fpherj48posted 10 years ago

    You probably know what I'm going to say, being "Paula Penny Pincher."  Hell, yeah.  There are several very nice consignment stores in our area and I know them all, well.  The one in particular, I bring ALL my things, my husband's, grandchildren's....all clothing we no longer wear for one reason or another, AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. 
    I don't think a lot of people understand that "consignment shops," when run properly by smart business people, have very nice clothes, all clean & pressed with no rips, stains or flaws.  They are not like Goodwill or Salvation Army & other charity agencies that may have items of lesser quality.
    I find it is worth the time and energy to pack these things up and bring them to a consigment store for resale.  I do this a couple times a year and always manage to yield at least 2 to 3 hundred dollars. 
    I suppose, if you have no use at all for 2 to 3 hundred dollars.......just throw your things away!!    (and then tell me where they are...I'll turn them in!)

  7. ErickaBridges profile image61
    ErickaBridgesposted 10 years ago

    I have a business associate who owns a consignment store in Milwaukee,WI. Its called Jeanerations. She resells quality denim jeans and some are brand new. I sold a few items to her. Also gave her a lot of jeans myself abd children were no longer wearing, but look new. I dont partner with shops to sell the clothing out of my own store, which are all new and never worn, but ive thought about it.

  8. KDF profile image59
    KDFposted 10 years ago

    I used to sell my old jeans back in the day to a store called Buffalo Exchange in California. Levi's 501's, Guess, etc. Of course, back in those days, holes in the jeans were a bad thing....LOL   but I would get about $10-$20 per pair. And since, I was just a teenager, that money would go to pizza and gas for the car.
    Oh boy, those were the days.
    Sunshine- you were my first follower......106 followers later, I'm missing your responses on my hubs. I'm lacking your quality and expertice feedback, help a brother out!!!!! : )

  9. PurvisBobbi44 profile image90
    PurvisBobbi44posted 10 years ago

    No, but I have a friend who buys her clothes from a consignment shop, and she always looks great. I have never been in one, but I think I will get my sister to go with me, and see what we think.

    My friend is a size 2, and she can always find the greatest suits, and beautiful dresses and shoes.

  10. fpherj48 profile image62
    fpherj48posted 10 years ago

    Save your money, be creative.  Learn the value of recycling, the fun of searching and shop Consignment shops.....go yard sailing!! read more

  11. talfonso profile image88
    talfonsoposted 10 years ago

    Almost all the time! I love finding something that is more interesting than the retail stores or finding apparel that look nice, but need a personalized touch. (Price isn't the only reason.) For instance, I have seen a lot of videos and pictures on the Web of those shoes cloaked with rhinestones or glitter, and most of them are outrageously priced. The shoes with rhinestones on them are cute, but the prices on them (hundreds to even thousands of dollars) are not. I'd buy them, my Gem-Tac or E-6000 (if the exteriors of shoes are made of non-porous materials), and buy many grosses of Korean hotfix rhinestones. (I love Swarovski, but for the price of 10 grosses of at least SS10 crystal stones, I can very easily buy a few hundred grosses of the Korean ones.) As to make facsimiles of the glitter shoes at retail, I'm coating the thrift store shoes with Mod Podge, liberally sprinkle them with glitter, and spraying with acrylic spray. Oh, and didn't I mention that I'm going to breathe new life into the dowdiest clothing using said materials and fabric colorants to make them look like mall-worthy duds for low prices?

  12. Ahmad Hage profile image58
    Ahmad Hageposted 8 years ago

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