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How often you deep condition your hair?

  1. urmilashukla23 profile image77
    urmilashukla23posted 5 years ago

    How often you deep condition your hair?

    Do you deep shampoo and condition daily, every other day or weekly?

  2. Suranee1969 profile image80
    Suranee1969posted 5 years ago

    I shampoo and condition twice a week. My hair has lost most of its thickness and luster because of all the tinting and perming I did on my hair since I was 13. I now get a hair conditioning treatment done once a month which has helped some.

  3. teaches12345 profile image94
    teaches12345posted 5 years ago

    Not as often as I should! I do use a thicker conditioner on occasion that requires sitting for 5 minutes before you shampoo.  It does make a difference.

  4. denisemai profile image72
    denisemaiposted 5 years ago

    I never deep condition but I wash and lightly condition every other day and have it trimmed every 6 weeks. I also color it and use a flat iron. Some how, after all that, it's still healthy. Go figure.