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Fashion In The Workplace

  1. Fashionman profile image58
    Fashionmanposted 8 years ago

    Since London fashion week, and all the celebrations of street styles, The office has become a place of fashion competition, with so many budding styles reaching the surface.

    This Autumn, there are many reasons why street styles are more vintage than ever, people are more conscious of their clothing. The
    pressing issues at work often centre around who is wearing their chinos and striped shirt for the second day in a row.

    Is this a good thing for offices and the workplace. It certainly raises standards, whether this is going to improve the office work standards is another question.

    1. nadine_stowne profile image53
      nadine_stowneposted 8 years ago

      I think people who work in offices should dress nicely. Working in jeans and an old t-shirt works for some places, but the employees (while comfortable) don't really feel like they're working.

      However, dressing up creates a sense of readiness and good effort. I've noticed a marked improvement in production from the companies who require a dress code of their employees. And it has after-effects, as the employees then feel like working whenever they put on a nice suit or dress slacks.

      Unfortunately, just like everything else in life, this can be taken too far. Companies that have fashion-oriented employees will look good and perhaps do great, but too much thought to clothing will bring down the number of thoughts that they are giving to working. Work will slow and cause problems for the company in many areas. All employees should be careful to focus on work while at work, no matter how fabulous they look.

    2. jodysmith profile image54
      jodysmithposted 8 years ago

      Without much elaboration I would say that fashion at workplace should be comfortable, formal, presentable and apt for your personality.

    3. Black Lilly profile image60
      Black Lillyposted 8 years ago

      It deepends on your job. If you work in some media/marketing (some areas) you can allow yourself a bit more. Corporate, most financial services have a set standard and deviation from it is virtually unacceptable (fashion and your personality don't matter).

    4. yenajeon profile image81
      yenajeonposted 8 years ago

      It is absolutely correct that 'dress-appropriateness' depends upon the job. If you're a financial banker, lawyer, corporate agent, obviously you'll have to wear a suit, and there's not much leeway with that.

      However, if you work for a magazine, or you're an entrepreneur, you work in fashion, you can wear such dramatic outfits. The possibilities are endless!

    5. Maddie Ruud profile image77
      Maddie Ruudposted 8 years ago

      The HubPages office is a designated Fashion-Free Zone.  I wear bare feet around the office in summer, and fuzzy slippers in winter.  I think everyone works much better when they're comfortable.

      1. yenajeon profile image81
        yenajeonposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        To: Maddie, and this too makes sense! Since hubpages is very behind the scenes and NOT corporate! You have an awesome job! wink