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Which homemade scrub is good for oily and acne prone skin?

  1. Neha Sadana profile image88
    Neha Sadanaposted 4 years ago

    Which homemade scrub is good for oily  and acne prone skin?

  2. renegadetory profile image99
    renegadetoryposted 4 years ago

    If you have acne prone skin it is best if you DON'T use a scrub on your skin.  You can actually make your acne worse and also aggravate your skin, making it flare up. 

    One homemade treatments for acne/oily skin is milk of magnesia mask on your face which calms the redness and gently absorbs the oils.

    I also recommend using a gentle cleanser that does not contain perfume or any other harsh ingredient that could upset your skin. 

    Over-scrubbing and over-washing can cause your skin to produce even more oil!

  3. younghopes profile image76
    younghopesposted 4 years ago

    use orange powder mixed with milk and a bit of sandalwood powder, make a fine paste and apply, it lightens your skin color as well as removes acne spots too.

  4. alisharenee profile image86
    alishareneeposted 4 years ago

    Typically people with acne also have sensitive skin, so try to avoid anything that has harsh chemicals in it.  You should also avoid exfoliating too often because it can make acne worse by breaking open sores and spreading bacteria, causing more breakouts.  If you must exfoliate, try mixing just a pinch of sea salt with your normal cleanser.  Be careful not to over scrub, just gently massage the skin in a circular motion taking care not to irritate any breakout areas.  The sea salt also has natural antibacterial properties, so it will help to clear up the skin as well.

    You might also want to try using raw organic honey masks, which are great for acne and they also help with exfoliation.  For more info about honey masks you can check out my hub here:


  5. soner67 profile image58
    soner67posted 4 years ago

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