How to start a clothing line?

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    Remz Garcianoposted 4 years ago

    How to start a clothing line?

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    phtechposted 4 years ago

    Kind of a poorly asked question, but here it goes. Spend time drawing up what you want your customers to wear, sew fabric into what you imagined, secure a bank loan or go on Shark Tank, make a deal with the devil, call up Diddy, have him promote you to JC Penny who will sell your clothing line and make you millions.

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    apparel networkposted 3 years ago

    At first have a business plan. here are some check list.1)choose which gender you want to focus on or children's.2) have your design ready including the fabric content.3)have some cash money to have your sample made.4)Search for manufacturer who is able to make samples and  able make small quantity for you to start your business.also keep in mind it will get cheaper as your business grows and you order in large quantity's.this just a part of the list.if you want to know more just ask me or ask around.i can suggest you to follow or contact" tmofashion" on facebook. they based in Bangladesh and has help many contact them.good luck