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How can I reduce pore size and how can I get rid of blackheads?

  1. Shivana profile image60
    Shivanaposted 4 years ago

    How can I reduce pore size and how can I get rid of blackheads?

    I've tried many things to reduce my pore size. I drink lots of water, I exercise and shower after. I used home remedies, but nothing seems to reduce it.  I even used ice despite the fact that I live in Canada and it's cold enough. Blackheads also just wont go away!

  2. Koyna Sen profile image61
    Koyna Senposted 4 years ago

    I have also suffered from this blackheads problem for many years, but fortunately I came across few remedies that worked truly wonder in arresting this problem. I found that you live in Canada. Fine. Have you ever tried to apply little grainy powdered rice on the areas affected with blackheads. To get more good result, you can mix the powdered rice with little tomato juice. Put the rice grain in the blender and grind well. After applying the paste, scrub with your finger tips at least for 10 minutes, Then remove with rose water. Pat your skin dry . Now, apply cucumber juice, as it is a great natural astringent and will reduce the pore size. Try this, You will be surely benefited.

  3. bethperry profile image91
    bethperryposted 4 years ago

    I have used old-fashioned witch hazel when these problems occurred and it worked very well for me. I applied on my skin right after showering/washing and used a cotton pad. But toners can be used, too, and help keep the crud that builds up in your pores from thickening. I will recommend you stay away from the alcohol-based cleansers and other skin products, as they can knock anyone's unique skin chemistry off balance, which then can lead to more acne.

  4. BritStar profile image72
    BritStarposted 4 years ago

    Witch hazel is a sure thing that will shrink pores. But don't use it straight out of the bottle because I can be really harsh. Dilute it with water until it doesn't to strong on your face.

    I've used half of a lemon with honey on top and I rubbed it over the areas where I had black heads. Exfoliating with something that has a very fine, grainy texture can help clear all of the dirt out of your pores. Then steam your face to open up your pores and use your index fingers to squeeze the blackheads out. Also, make sure the products you use say non-comedogenic.

    Unfortunately, you can't completely get rid of blackheads, especially not at once. Getting a facial every so often can help because an Aesthetician can better see all of blackheads you have through a magnifying lamp.

    I hope this helped :-)