Any advice on getting rid of acne without making your red and sensitive?

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    Celeb Scoopsposted 2 years ago

    Any advice on getting rid of acne without making your red and sensitive?

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    Besarienposted 2 years ago

    Stop touching your face. If you absolutely have to touch it, then wash your hands thoroughly first. Don't let other people touch your face, either. If someone does, wash your face as soon as possible afterward.

    Find a good gentle cleanser. It doesn't have to be expensive, just a mild one that works well with your skin type. Use apple cider vinegar as a cheap, effective, skin soothing toner (unless you are allergic of course) witch hazel is also very good.. Moisturize with noncomedogenic oil. Food-grade sunflower oil from the grocery store is great to try first. Many people have good experiences with it. It will slow the production of sebum and will help prevent future breakouts. It will also seal and protect your skin from environmental toxins and foreign bacteria.

    You might be re-infecting your face every time you use your old nasty makeup brushes. Instead, you can try using nice hygenic cotton balls and swabs swabs to apply makeup. If you find you can not do without your old makeup brushes- boil water, add some antibacterial liquid soap, and drop in your brushes. When the water cools down enough, wash the bristles out like you would a paint brush. Wash them well, rinse them well, and dry them with a blow drier. Do this about once a week to keep your brushes relatively clean and free from bacteria, fungus, mold, dust mites and whatever other funky stuff is currently living in there. Don't share your makeup or your brushes even with sisters or best friends. If you need an excuse, just tell them you are pretty certain that  you have a contagious bacterial infection causing your skin break outs, which is likely very true. Don't use a dirty towel to dry your face. You can drip dry or blow it dry on cool or use a paper towel to pat it dry if necessary.

    If you get cystic acne, big bumps under the skin that are painful and won't go away, you can spot treat them with Vicks vapor rub. Put some on the bump overnight for a couple of nights in a row.

    If sunflower oil doesn't do it for you try another noncomedogenic oil like argon or hempseed oil.  I hope this advice helps. If not, try something like Proactive. It works quite well for many, but is relatively more expensive, and can over-dry and redden skin sensitive or not. The sad truth is that nothing works well for everyone. Don't give up!  I wish you much good luck in finding the right solution for you. I can't believe how long this is. I might just make a hub!

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    DanieNposted 19 months ago

    Honey is a great acne treatment. It will reduce the redness of the acne itself while its antibacterial properties will help to kill  the germs. Put a small dab of honey on the blemish and then a band-aid on top overnight, by the morning it should be noticeably smaller. If you have a full face acne breakout try making a honey mask with yogurt honey and apple cider vinegar. Let it sit on the face for 15 - 20 mins and that will also help. Hope you find this helpful! I have recipes for all this and other acne treatments on my profile.