Help!!! I've gone from dark to blonde more times than o can remember and atm I'

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    SarahTqposted 10 months ago

    Help!!!  I've gone from dark to blonde more times than o can remember and atm I'm in despair!!

    I've been debating with toning for some time now, I'm due half a head of highlights in a couple of weeks, which should help lighten the roots more (ends not real issue other than super dry) then I was going to try toning at home to save myself some money, as it is now what would you recommend? I have extremely thick, naturally curly, but that when dry just erupts into frizz! So I can't avoid straighteners but I do treat my hair well with regular masks and recently found and love olaplex! But I'm still nowhere near how blonde I was, what would you recommend? Hope your feeling ok x

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    fpherj48posted 10 months ago

    Well, I hope you receive a number of useful suggestions and can solve your dilemma.  Since you ASK what we would recommend, I'll share my advice.  Give your head of hair and your scalp a rest. Take a break from using product on it that must be regularly maintained.  I don't know how old you are, but hair that has been bleached, dyed, stripped, permed, etc. repeatedly, will eventually become weakened, listless, thinner and worn.  Perhaps do some moisture treatments, use a mild shampoo, a vinegar rinse and allow it to dry in the outdoor air & giving it a vacation.  Good luck.