Brooke Burke on Post-Baby Regime

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    deby2debposted 7 years ago

    Brooke Burke gave birth to baby #4 in 2008 and four weeks later she was looking as if she had been working out and dieting for a year. I have read on that she fits back perfectly into her skinny jeans, but then again, it’s no wonder considering after three children you become an expert.  Brooke said she isn’t revealing her post-baby regime to make other mommies feel bad, but because “I simply want to tell you what I have been doing in hopes that it may help some of you”, which is admirable, I might add.  When it comes to her diet, here is how Brooke describes a typical day: “I try to eat 5 times a day, small meals, every three hours or so. If I get too busy, some of those meals may be a protein bar or simply an apple and some almonds.” She argues this is not a diet , but a healthy life with the right eating habits.