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Skin care tips

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    Anastaziaposted 5 years ago

      Here i am going to mention some best tips for skin care
    - Knowing your skin type is one of the most important skin care tip
    - Drink a lot of water.
    - Cleanse your skin regularly (1-2 times everyday)
    - Be gentle, after all its your skin.
    - Keep your skin moist at all times

    1. IzzyM profile image90
      IzzyMposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      You copied that from one of a dozen sites. If you can't even write original stuff in the forums, I hate to think what your hubs would be like.

      1. Pearldiver profile image88
        Pearldiverposted 5 years ago in reply to this

        WOW.......... Doesn't THAT Get UNDER YOUR SKIN????   big_smile

    2. workabroad profile image58
      workabroadposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      nice tips...

    3. sarovai profile image64
      sarovaiposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Welcome to hubpages. Better you write a hub about this topic. smile

  2. MikeNV profile image71
    MikeNVposted 5 years ago

    The most important "tip" is to know what you put into your body... from food to medicine.