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Flashy Gold Tattoos

Updated on August 20, 2015

Gold Tattoos

In 2006 Nobuhiko Akatsuka launched his gold tattooing business in Japan, which quietly did a popular and brisk business, but was limited to the confines of the island nation.

That changed in 2010 when Arnaud Flambeau discovered the artist and art while visiting Japan, seeing the potential in bringing it to the Middle East; the first gold tattoo business outside of Japan.

The inspiration behind the idea came from seeing women from the region sporting henna tattoos on a frequent basis, suggesting a potential market for the gold or platinum tattoos.

Flambeau launched the business at the trendy five-star Burj Al Arab hotel, located in the United Arab Emirates.

A smaller tattoo at the time started off at $50.00, while brides, which the concept is very popular among in the region, brought a minimum price of $500 for wedding designs. More elaborate gold tattoos can go for over $5,000 each and more.

I imagine as gold prices continue to rise, as well as platinum prices - which are also offered - these tattoos will begin to rise in price.

Gold and Black Triangles and Arrows Temporary Tattoo

24-Carat Gold or Platinum Tattoos

The gold used to design the temporary tattoos is 24-carat.

How they are applied is the gold is melted and laminated and then stamped with the desired design. From there the excess gold is removed creating the amazing piece of art.

The tattoos are dubbed Precious Skin, and locations are springing up all over the Middle East, and Europe is being targeted as a significant market as well, with a burgeoning Arab population.

Along with weddings, the gold or platinum tattoos are used for special occasions in lieu of wearable jewelry.

Gold tattoos last for as long as a week.

Temporary 24-Carat Gold Tattoo Being Applied

Here we see a gold tattoo design being applied to the skin of the recipient. You can see from the gold, glittery look why it is so popular for special occasions, weddings, or to display as a conversation piece.

For women, who are by far the highest percentage of those demanding the gold tattoos, the heart design is a good one, especially when it relates to love.

Scrolling Gold Flower Tattoo

This is a beautiful scrolling, gold flower tattoo getting the finishing touches as it is being applied to the skin.

Gold enhances the subject matter so nicely, making it appear gorgeous on the wearer. I really like how everything is separated so you can see the details of the overall design.

Plant Tattoo on Back

The majority of gold tattoos are placed either on the hand, arm, or back, and the most expensive are those placed as a full back tattoo.

In the case of the one on the upper back below, it will be more costly than the smaller tattoos, but nowhere near the $5,000 plus commanded be the larger designs.

This is another beautiful design.

Gold Hand Tattoo

It's too bad the person taking the photo decided to have gold as the background for the shot, as it unfortunately hides this fantastic hand tattoo, which includes a very elaborate design. Less light and a darker background would have shown it much better, but you can still see how magnificent it is in spite of that.

Gold Tattoo Wrapped around Forearm, Wrist

This is a beautiful scrolling tattoo, which displays really great on the arm and wrist. The scrolling and lengthy nature of this flower makes it a perfect choice for this part of the body. It would also immediately noticeable to those who appreciate this type of body art.

Gold Tattoo on Man's Bicep

I was glad some men have chosen to give temporary gold tattoos a try so we can see how they look. If this is any indication, we could see more men get a gold tattoo as a form of status symbol.

Men would definitely have to choose the right tattoo design, and this one looks great, looking like a partial band to me.

Gold Butterfly Tattoo

This is a really nice looking tattoo. When you add those colorful little additions or accessories placed at strategic places to give the butterfly some context, it really looks terrific. The work "kiss" on the wing is a playful touch finishing off the very compelling tattoo.

Creations like this are what make gold tattoos so popular and highly sought after.

Gold Shoulder Tattoo

Finally we have this amazing gold tattoo placed on the shoulder and upper chest of this woman. Again we have the color, this time chosen to be displayed in the center as one, large piece, rather than the smaller individual pieces above.

I think a darker color like blue, or maybe purple, would have been a better choice because it would showcase the gold much better. Still a fantastic tattoo design.

This is probably easily the most expensive tattoo of this gallery.

Temporary Gold Tattoos

As you can see, there is a reason 24-carat gold tattoos are growing in populararity, with designs the capture the attention, generate conversation, and are a wonderful display of love between a man and woman to be married.

Even with the high price of gold the costs for the more modest, but still elegant gold tattoos, is in the range of most people, providing a significant market for the body art.

Either way, it's the art that is so compelling, as is the decision to use real gold in place of ink.

Displaying a glittering, golden image on your body is a status symbol and token of love that most people, I'm sure, would at least like to try once.


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