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Cobra Tattoos

Updated on July 14, 2014

Cobra and King Cobra tattoos are amazing if you like snakes and that fascinated hood the cobra has. It's a great motivator for tattoo artists wanting to create great designs.

While cobras are placed in a variety of places on the body when inked on, usually it's the arms or legs that are the preferred locations, although there are plenty of exceptions to that general rule of thumb.

There's something mesmerising about the cobra that makes it a great tattoo theme. It's that unique look, temperament and reputation which attracts a lot of attention when one has a good tattoo of one.

I preferred to stay with, for the most part, showcasing cobra tattoos that excluded a lot of color. Some Asian tattoos with cobras looked good, but they're a completely different theme because of the many colors included, even though a cobra is included in the tattoo design..

Cobra Tattoo Designs

When most people think of a cobra or cobra tattoo, the image below is what usually comes to mind. It definitely is a compelling image if you've ever come across one on your path. Very well done design.

Cobra on Leg Tattoo

Coiled Cobra Tattoo

Now if you're lucky enough not to come face to face with a cobra like the appearance of the one in the image below, then you'll see a coiled snake like in the tattoo, ready to strike at any time. That's what makes the cobras such compelling subject matter to have inked on.

Cobra Tattoo on Side and Back

What's great about a cobra tattoo is its long, slender body, along with the hood on its head. Add those two together and you have a creation like the one here, stretching across the back to the side of the body. Pretty nice looking design.

Cobra on Shoulder

While this is a nice tattoo, the only complaint I have is it is stretched out a little too much and goes on to the front shoulder area, resulting in you missing the full impact of the overall image. Still very nicely done.

Cobra Tattoo Wrapped Around Arm

I really like the way this cobra tattoo wraps around the arm, culminating in the hooded head fully blown and seen on the shoulder.

Tribal Cobra Tattoo

What a fantastic tribal cobra tattoo below. This is a case where a little is more, and the way it's laid out is amazing to me. I absolutely love the flat head look of the cobra. Nice style.

Unique Tribal Cobra

You have to use your imagination some here to capture the tribal cobra in the tattoo as the artist did. But when you see it, it really works well. I like the lines of the tattoo on this one.

Full Arm Cobra Tattoo

The concept of this cobra tattoo is fantastic I like the vision of the artist. The flaring, hooded head of the cobra lying in wait in what appears to be the bushes, as evidenced by the leaves you see around it, is extraordinary.

Too bad there just wasn't enough room to give it the full effect it deserves. Still a really nice tattoo.

Don't Tread on Me Snake Tattoo

This is an amazing tattoo. If you didn't catch it, the cobra is coming out from the flag the message is printed on. Very powerful image and message.

Cobra Wrapped Around Sword Tattoo

Although the artwork wasn't quite as nicely done as some of the other works here, I do like the cobra and sword theme. Great feel and look.

So there ends our look at an amazing array of cobra tattoos. One interesting thing about the cobra tattoos above, is there were very few non-color tattoos that included more than the cobra itself.

That means the cobra is a star of its own, and you have to keep from interfering with that like many of the artists rightly did here.


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