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Rainbow Coloring and Hairstyle Tutorials and Ideas

Updated on November 8, 2014


Rainbows are one of the more beautiful spectacles of nature, never seeming to exhaust the gorgeous colors we never grow tired of gazing at and being delighted by the curved arch of hues.

That has inspired many of us to try out different looks with our hair in celebration of that magnificent display of nature.

Rainbows have a fascinating mythology surrounding them, based upon the lack of knowledge in the past of what it exactly was and what caused them to appear.

Most of us know about the Irish leprechaun myth with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The reason you can never find that pot of gold is because of the nature of the rainbow, which is more of an effect than a location That's why when people two people look at it from different places they will define the location of the rainbow as in two different places. No matter how long you walk towards where you think a rainbow is, it'll seem to move further away.

If you've ever read about Norse mythology, you'll know about the Bifröst Bridge, which is a rainbow connecting Asgard and Midgard (Earth) together.

Others consider the rainbow to be the necklace of a goddess, and others a bow of a god.

All of this adds up to great material to base some cool-looking rainbow hair on.

Rainbow Hair Designs

Rainbow hair designs and colors entail a large variety of looks. While most prefer a long-haired appearance, others do use it on shorter hair with great effect.

Of course some of those with longer hair dye it with rainbow colors and then add the extensions to complete the look.

Many people also like to retain the natural colors of the rainbow, while others prefer to keep some of them and add a little off color of their own to express their own personal preferences.

Whatever way people decide to go, rainbow hair is an awesome look that provides all sorts of accessory and wardrobe possibilities to go with it.

Rainbow hair can be used in unique social situations, or in cosplay, costume, and Halloween events.

Full Rainbow Hair Coloring

This is a good example of interpreting the colors of the rainbow in the way you prefer. There is no pink in a rainbow, but the foundation this rainbow hair look is the pink at the top of the scalp.

It takes nothing away from the beautiful look of the hair, and blends in well with the purple as the colors move down the length of the hair and extensions. Very nice look.


Beautiful Vertical Rainbow Hair

The colors of this rainbow hair style is similar to above, but includes a little deviation as well, with some turquoise blended in with it. Other than that, the colors are, for the most part, similar to those above. It looks different because it is vertically colored.

From this look you can see why so many women choose to go with a rainbow hairstyle. It reflects all the beauty and mystery of a real rainbow.


Horizontal Rainbow Hair Coloring

For those who may not know, the photo below shows what is known as 'horizontal' hair coloring. The first photo is also a good example, although this one is very straight and easily identifiable, while the first photo has some overlap, obscuring the horizontal look some. .

It looks cute, but it would have been better to not have all the dark colors in a row, as it makes it hard to delineate them.


Rainbow Hair Video Tutorials and Tips

Next we'll take at look at three rainbow hair video tutorials, showing different ways of achieving the desired look.

Seeing the finished results are one thing, taking it from step one to the end is another. These will give you a good idea as to how to proceed coloring your hair with the colors of a rainbow.

And if it seems beyond or reach, or you have no one that can do it for you, you may just want to cheat a little and get a rainbow wig. They can look pretty cool as well.

How to do Rainbow Hair

Dyeing My Hair - Rainbow

Coloring Hair Rainbow

Rainbow Hair Coloring Highlights

Another way you can go is to use rainbow colors to highlight your hair, rather than doing it all in rainbow.

As you can see below, this can create a gorgeous effect, adding a wonderful touch to your look. It's very cool how she used the color to layer it down her forehead. Looks great.


Unique Rainbow Hair Color

So we could get a better idea of how rainbow hair looks that isn't dominated by the traditional colors of the rainbow, this hair color with a pink foundation offers a glimpse into the variety of things we could do with colors outside of the rainbow spectrum.

Using pink as the base with a touch of yellow and blue really looks good. While very noticeable, it's in a softer and more subtle way.


Short Rainbow Coloring with Tattooed Hair

There is a lot going on with this short-haired version of rainbow colored hair. As mentioned in the subtitle, this look includes tattooed hair.

If you're not aware of what tattooed hair refers to, it's the part of the hair that is designed by sculpting it via shaving. Talk about a brave young lady.

This is a very cute look. You have a little of the punk look with the hair sticking up on top, and the very cute hair that flows from the shaved part of her hair. The blue and green hanging down from the shorter hair looks very nice.

To top it all off she includes a potpourri of colors of the rainbow to complete the look. And how about that red heart on the back part of her scalp?


Rainbow Hair Coloring

After going through this article, you should now have a good idea of what type of rainbow hair coloring and style you would prefer if you choose to go that way.

Not only can you put some compelling colors into your hair, but you can add a number of accessories like extension and feathers to complete the look you desire.

And for a complete look, you can even put together a colorful outfit to blend it all together.

Rainbow hairstyles and coloring is fun, looks great, and garners all the attention you could ever want.


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