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Sharp Dagger and Knife Tattoos

Updated on July 5, 2014

Knife and dagger tattoos are among the best themes to work with other props, or even as standalone when they look great by themselves.

There is a recurring narrative of hearts with daggers, apparently with idea that someone had been stabbed their by someone they were close to.

Others are associated with skulls and other interesting paraphernalia, as the knife and dagger, because of their shape, along with being able to be made to look ornate from the handles or something inscribed on them, work with a wide variety of other themes.

Incredibly, there are a large number of people that are enamored with knives and daggers, and that lends itself to a very popular group of tattoos which cater to that popularity.

For that and many other reasons, there are a plethora of tattoos you can choose from to enjoy looking at or get as an inspiration to be inked on one's own body. 

The first knife or dagger tattoo directly below reveals how good it can look standalone, based on an ornate design. Normally I enjoy back tattoos, but with this being a narrow subject, the back almost makes it look too lonely. Eventually something else will have to be added to do it justice.

Ornate Knife Tattoo

Here again we have the lone, narrow knife tattoo on the back, which looks great in and of itself, but lacks again because of the size of the canvass. Yet it is a great tattoo from a design perspective, and again shows how creative you can get with them.

Knife Tattoo on Back

I included this knife tattoo because of the oddity of it. I would think the message on the knife has some importance to the one with the tattoo, as the knife itself is a strange choice in light of the other quality designs that could have been chosen. Usually that means it must be something personal and not making an aesthetic statement.

Knife Tattoo on Leg

Again we have a great-looking tattoo. One nice thing is the choice of placement allows you to view the overall dagger. The decision to have it on the calf muscle lends itself to the shape of the dagger as it tapers down.

Dagger Tattoo on Leg

The dagger sheathed in the skin is much too colorful for my tastes. I do like the curvature of the blade, which adds a nice touch. It would look better with darker lines without the color.

Here's the first dagger through the heart tattoos we see. Evidently someone seems to have been accused of something, and he proclaims he's walking the line, even though his heart has been pierced by the accusation.

Dagger Through Heart Tattoo

This is an interesting play on the dagger through the heart theme, this time using a rose in place of a heart. Nice touch. You do see the rose bleeding as you would a broken heart.

The next several tattoos will include dragons, snakes and daggers, a very popular combination for some who like the genre.

You also get the inclusion of a skull in the mix on the third one down. Pretty cool!

Dagger and Dragon Tattoo

This is a pretty interesting tattoo. I liked it for the flames coming through the eyes of the skull. Again, this would have looked much better if it was done in black or a darker color, The theme demands a sense of darkness. This looks too cartoonish.

Dagger, Skull Tattoo

I don't remember quite seeing a tattoo like the pieced-together dagger on the fingers, but you have to admit is would definitely generate some conversation, as it doesn't make sense until the fingers are interlaced.

Dagger Tattoos on Fingers

This is just too cool. This dagger through the clear dice tattoo is absolutely compelling to me. When I first glanced at the image I thought there was a mistake or the tattoo hadn't been completed yet. But you look close and realize the dice are clear by design, and seeing the dagger through them was intentional. I really like this and the color works with this one, enhancing the image.

Awesome Dagger and Dice Tattoo

Now you know why I was excited about these dagger and knife tattoos. It;s limitless what you can do with them, and they work on many parts of the body, as you can see.


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