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6 Tips to Avoid When Creating a Squeeze Page

Updated on April 24, 2012

There are a lot of niches online to market to. Many of these people that do a lot of this online marketing already know that once you can build a list. Then the money will start coming in because those in the list signed up because of an interest in the product you were offering. If, no list was created, or none existed you would be left empty handed with a great product, but no one to sell it too.

The secret to creating this list from visitors is to create a simple squeeze page. This squeeze page is used to help identify a solution to the problem the visitor is experiencing. List the benefits of that product and how this is the best solution. Sounds great huh? Yea, you have to do all that within 10 seconds before they click off the page.

A squeeze pages is a great way to build the list of potential clients. Client will keep coming in, and they will sign up for additional information on the “squeeze page” this opt in box for additional information or a free product you are giving away that is similar to yours or does a small portion is a great way to build a list.

The biggest secret to making money with these affiliates is to create an effective squeeze page. Once you have mastered this concept then you will know that it’s a gateway to truly being able to make money online. Once you build the list of opt in the email address it is important to know that the 10 percent that buy the product right away are happy great but what about all those emails? These are the undecided, and you can convince them to purchase your product because by the 7th, 8th, and 9th time they see your email come in they are going to buy it. It is because in an email, you can provide them little bits of information over and over to help you get the product sold.

You start to build a trustworthy client base that is searching to you for information regarding the new letter or free software they downloaded. Each of these is a potential customer waiting to bite. Building the trust will also allow you to offer other products and services for additional costs that allow the visitors direct access to special events, promotions, or regular videos.

There are a lot of squeeze page themes out there that have all different qualities. Some of the squeeze pages are great some of the squeeze pages are not so great. The good ones in the middle, are even converting at about 20 percent of the total visitors, and if your page is not converting that much then its time you change your page. There are regular things you should avoid doing on your squeeze page and here they are.

•It is not above the fold. This is very common in a lot of squeeze pages. Many of them require the user to scroll down the page for additional information about the product. The more information you put at the top of the fold the better. It will entice the reader, to want read more information about your product.

•The quality of the squeeze page is very low. Many of them do not give away something for free to entice people to supply their contact details.

•The headline on the squeeze page is not very catchy. If, It does not grab the attention of the person visiting it quickly it reduces the effectiveness of the page.

•Anyone who buys a product first want to know “what is in it for me” You have to bullet the list and give the best benefits up front. If, you do they will most likely allow you their contact details.

•Use the words “FREE” and “NOW a lot in your squeeze page. Do not use words that require the readers to make a choice like the word “Subscribe” or “Opt-In” If you give them a choice it shows you are not confident about your product. This will reflect in the quality of words you choose to use.

•People are always worried about security of their private information. So, always safe guard any contact information you receive from perspective clients. Most of all tell them about how you will keep their information secure. Lack of a privacy statement should also be avoided. In other words, a good squeeze page should assure prospects that their email addresses will not be available to third parties

So, to make your squeeze page convert positively, make yours with quality offers that are so good that your visitors have no option than to give their details to grab it, or the headline is attention-grabbing, and there is a privacy statement, and it is above the fold


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