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8 Steps to Creating a High Converting Squeeze Page

Updated on April 24, 2012

When you create a squeeze page for your business it is extremely important that you capture as many emails and leads that you can. Without these leads or visitors emails, than having a business with a squeeze page seems like a waste of time. This is one of the only ways you can make sure that when they close that window that you still have a way to reach them.

Here, are 8 steps to creating a high converting squeeze page:

1. What Traffic Are You Targeting?

Be specific on the type of traffic that you want to receive on your page. If, you are able to narrow down the choices your conversion rates will be higher. It is pointless to try and create a page that is customized for everyone’s taste. Your conversions and sales will suffer, as a result.

2. Pleasant graphics

Having eye catching graphics are important on your squeeze page. However, an overabundance of them is going to be annoying and possible slow. So, only have the best graphics and videos on your site that you absolutely must need to get the message across to your visitors.

3. Keywords which matches the ad

When a potential customer comes to your website, it is because you are providing a solution to a problem they are experiencing. So, when you match your keywords then make sure that your keywords are also shown on your landing page.

4. Attention.

Having your visitor’s attention on the website when they come to visit you is essential. If, you do not grab their attention then they will most likely close the window and forget about you. The best way to grab attention is with the headline and sub headline on your site. So, in your opening headline discuss the reason why the person clicked there. When they got their use the sub headline to talk about the solution you have to their problem. If, you grab their attention in the first 3 seconds, they will stay to read the rest of your page.

5. Benefits.

Always talk about the benefits to, Make it clear to your visitors the complete benefits they are going to receive by signing up with you and not your competitor. Sales are the process of creating a need vs. want. One way many have done this is through trying to provoke an emotion into your potential customers.

6. Graphics - Video/Report

Packaging is a hard concept to do while online. People like to touch their product in any way they can. This makes it, seem more “real” in the digital world. So, creating an eye catching graphic on for a cover can help with this experience.

7. Call to action

When a visitor lands on your squeeze page always make it clear and understandable what you would like them to do. However, never make them guess why they are there always make clear and understandable terms on why they got to your page.

It has been documented that people seem to react to a specific request when presented to them. If, you ask them for an email address most of the time they will provide one to you. This increases your conversions and builds your list for future promotions.

8. Split Testing.

Every squeeze page you build needs a twin with the same product. The variations you create on your landing pages and different ways you set up your boxes will help you get a better understanding which pages are more effective. Then you can combine the two positive aspects of the landing pages and get higher conversion rates with just one. Once you have combined them, you will have a squeeze page doing the work of two. A lot, of time its trial, error, and statistical hunting for the right combination.

You can have the greatest most awesome and excellent squeeze page that promises 100% conversions. However, who will ever see it? The main point in creating one of these pages is to educate people on your business or prospect. So, always promote and market your squeeze page to get traffic to it. At the end of the day, you will have many more people visiting and converting them into subscribers than you could imagine. Then with a little more money in your pocket, you can concentrate on your next business adventure.


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    Slaven Cvijetic 5 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

    Interesting hub! Voted up interesting and shared!