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Tips for Developing Effective Squeeze Pages

Updated on May 21, 2012

There are many things to consider when you are creating an effective squeeze page. You are going to want to make sure the landing page is optimized for the maximum amount of leads and conversions that you can attain. When you have a higher conversion rate for your squeeze page you will increase the amount of sales and sales leads that you are getting. The squeeze page should be designed with this in mind. So, when a potential customer clicks on an ad, the resulting page should provide the materials and images to make it enticing enough to the reader to want to take action.

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1. Simplify it

Having too much of a landing page can actually overwhelm your visitors. In some limited markets, there is a need to have over abundant amount of graphics. However, for most of the targeted individuals it should remain pretty uncomplicated. The idea is to allow the visitor to know what your page is about in a quick and efficient manner. Using bullet points and small, detailed paragraphs of information provide a great overview to the potential client. Follow through quickly with what you are asking them to do and why they are there.

2. Where am I?

When people go to your squeeze page after clicking on the advertisement the first thing they are going to want to know is where they are. Putting the Text right at the top of the screen will eliminate this question very quickly for them. Some people go for a personalized touch to the pages and say “welcome.” Other advertisers have been known to put in the same information that got the person there in the first place. However, you decided to let them know make it visible and obvious where they have landed.

3. Leave my Computer Alone!

I have been searching the web lately, and I actually ran across some squeeze pages that wanted to install something on my computer. Security rule numbers one, never download anything from a site you know nothing about. That guy must have lost hundreds of sales just because of a silly Active X that allowed a marquee scroll across the screen. Yes! Silly me, I allowed it, but I had to know.

9 time out of 10, the only thing that this does, is frustrate the potential customer and they will close their browser never to return. Unless, you are a graphic design website, why do you need all the fancy music and videos? The truth is you don’t need any of it. Simplify your information to get your point across on the page. It will work wonders.

Remember no matter how computer savvy you are and how great you are at keeping your computer updated with the latest in all the new technology. The average Joes computer will have nothing on it that compares. Most of the time they are probably still running out dated software. So, just leave the extra stuff off the Landing page for best optimization of your squeeze page.

4. Define your expertise.

Writing articles for SEO need to be well written and informative. If, you write an article that is just rambling on about something that is common sense people will just leave. If, you write an article and it has informative information, tips, and hints that they can do themselves on a topic then they will see you as an authority. SEO article writing is a fantastic way to get people to trust in your opinion and your expertise. Once they do they will be more likely o go to your website and eventually do business with you.

5. Do not make it easy to leave

With landing pages, it is essential that you do not make it easy to leave. You should have similarities between your website and that page. However in the end design they should function as standalone pages. This helps nudge the customer into a call to action that they are going to be compelled to complete if you have the right information. This can be a little tougher to negotiate, when your customers do not know who you are. However, there is a fine balance between educating them and the actual call to action you want them to take.

You should at the very least include a privacy statement indicating the privacy of their information. Keep from having links to you statements, e-commerce stores, or other ways to leave the page. However, if you do then always persist in a call to action on every page you wish to have them be able to click.

6. Experiment with Your Forms

There is a common statistic that, for every line of a form, you have a customer fill out you lose about 25% of your potential clients. So, when you are asking for a name and an email maybe just ask for an email, but it is up to you.

a. Getting a valid email address will allow you to collect as many new prospects as possible. For additional enrollments in a program at a later time.

b. If, you require additional fields, it can help with targeting the prospects that you are searching for giving you more top leads.

Only ask the potential customers required information that will allow them to continue their work Never ask for more if it is not needed. For example, if a customer is downloading a free PDF for a specific purpose from your site then it is probable conceivable that they are good enough to know you might be asking them to be a prospect in your business. If, this is the case setup a secondary form for them to fill out that includes information on name, name of company, level, etc… This way they have a reasonable time to make an informed decision to purchase.

7. Direct

The more direct, and to the point your information is the quicker the potential client will be able to tie together all aspects of your page. The headline is the most important because it links the objective of the whole sale. Then the sub points are next which back up the main objective. Then the subparagraphs starting to explain everything to the reader are just as important to tie the objective and bullets together in one. Altogether they accomplish the direct goal of a call to action by the potential customer.

8. Give them some Space

While users are scanning the page for specific information related to their dilemma. They are only going to stop at a place that helps them with the solution you are providing. These piece’s of information are essential because it will allow them to make a decision whether or not to continue. So, use spaces in your squeeze page and allow them to breathe for a second or two before they read the next block.

9. Why should a customer buy from you?

There are probably a number of reasons”why” a customer should buy this product from you but try to keep it short and sweet. You need only allow for 3 to a max 5 bullet points where you lay out the facts of why this product will be the solution to the problem they were searching for.

10. Be Persuasive

When you are writing a sales pitch, the idea is to be persuasive. You need to understand that your squeeze page is this salesman on the internet. There is no one else that is going to be able to sell this product or service to the customer like you. So, always ensure your message is strong and to the point and recommends a call to action.

11. Give them Buttons to Push

Everyone loves to push buttons. ,Especially, ones that say, “do not push.” It has been proven that red buttons increase conversion rates it has been tested over and over again. You can use other colors if you wish, depending on your site layout. However, in my experience the color red is like a magnet to the brain.

Another important aspect about buttons is the bigger the better. Do not hold back, the graphics size of buttons they are there to be click so use that to your advantage. When someone first lands on your page form a link the first thing they should see is a big button that screams click me!!Location is a factor, but it is different on each page, so always have them, so you can test your conversion rates within the button fields.

12. Increase their Confidence

Confidence is the final solution to your sale. If, you can build confidence in your product you are going to sell it. Period. Having reviews, feedback, and protection icons is a great way for you to project confidence in your product. VeriSign and entrust icons that protect your website from hackers. Make sure that you get these protections to protect your clients and not just al logo.

There you have it the complete guide to making your squeeze page a sales magnet. If, you take these tips and apply them, you will make sales. So, what do you have to lose, except a lot of money by not doing it.


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  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 5 years ago from Florida

    I am glad you found it useful good luck on building your first squeeze page :)

  • profile image

    SusieQ42 5 years ago

    I had no idea of or ever heard of a squeeze page. No, I've never done this. Thanks for the useful info. God bless, Susieq42