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iPhone at your fingertips

Updated on June 17, 2016

This hub is meant for those users who have just purchased an iPhone. This hub has general information about iPhone. All the information mentioned in this hub is applicable to iPhone. Let us checkout the accessories of iPhone

iPhone buttons

iPhone is a touchscreen smartphone so almost all its buttons are virtual. There are few buttons which are physical, like the button for starting the iPhone and the ones for controlling the volume.

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Click Home

  1. To access the home screen of an iPhone you should click on the iPhone Home button. With this button you can also access other shortcuts.
  2. To see all the apps that you have opened you need to double click the Home button.
  3. For voice control or for using Siri on iPhone 4S or later you should “press and hold” the Home button.
  4. Home button sensor can be used in iPhone 5S or later for reading the finger print, for this you do not need your Apple ID or passcode.
  5. The accessibility features can be turned off or on by using the Home button.



With an iPhone you get an Apple headset which you can use for making phone calls, listen to music and audio of videos. This is possible in iPhone 4S or earlier by using an Apple earphones and also with iPhone 5 or later by using the Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic.


iPhone has a multi-touch screen display which provides tons of entertainment and information with just a touch of a finger. You can pinch, swipe, drag and tap the screen for using various apps.


USB cable:

You can connect the iPhone to a computer for charging and to sync. To do this, you can use the 30-pin to USB cable in iPhone 4S or earlier and in iPhone 5 or later you can use the Lightning to USB cable.


Ejecting tool

You can use the SIM eject tool for ejecting the SIM card tray.

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You can use the Apple USB power adapter for charging the iPhone battery; this can be done by using the 30-pin to USB cable or the Lightning to USB cable.


Lock with Sleep/Wake option

  1. In order to lock the iPhone when you are not using it just press the Sleep/Wake button. Doing this will save your battery from draining, it will keep your display in sleep state which will prevent anyone from using it. In this state you will still get FaceTime calls, notifications, text messages, phone calls and alarms. In Sleep/Wake state you can also blast music and change its volume.
  2. If you don’t use iPhone for a minute then it automatically locks the screen. You can change the timer, for doing this select “Settings” --> “General” --> “Auto-Lock.”
  3. For turning the iPhone on, you need to “press and hold” the Sleep/Wake button till you get Apple logo on the screen.
  4. For unlocking the iPhone, you need to “press” the Home or Sleep/Wake button and then the slider should be dragged.
  5. To turn off the iPhone “press and hold” the Sleep/Wake button till the red slider is visible, next the slider should be dragged.
  6. For enhancing the iPhone security, a passcode can be used for unlocking the iPhone. For doing this select “General” --> “Passcode & Fingerprint” in iPhone 5s & later versions or “Settings” --> “General” --> “Passcode Lock” in other iPhone models.

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