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Almost Free Phone to Phone Calls

Updated on December 24, 2011

Make Very Cheap National, International Phone Calls

This hub is NOT an advertisement of a service offering cheap calls. This hub is about taking the advantage of Internet and getting most out of it. This hub will show you how to make phone to phone calls using Gtalk and some other verified services. After reading this article, you will be able to make very very cheap, almost free national, international phone to phone calls. Only you need is the Internet data pack activated on your mobile phone. You are going to make phone to phone calls via internet. This type of call will not deduct the balance of your mobile phone, but it will deduct the internet data from your internet data pack. From my experience, it may take 35 to 50 MB internet data to make a call of 1 hour. The best thing is that, you can make this type of phone to phone calls using 2G mobile network. And as we all know, 2G internet data plans are very cheap. But at the same time, I want to make it clear that, the speed of 2G network depends upon the service quality of your network provider and the range that your mobile phone have in specific areas. Here in India, I use mobile network of Tata Docomo and I have made successful internet calls for hours using their 2G mobile network. Try 2G network, if you frequently face some problem with connectivity of internet call, then move to 3G network. 3G will be more expensive than 2G, but if you compare it with your regular call rates, then you would consider it as a good deal. Now, it's a time to show you, how we can actually make almost free phone to phone calls? This information will help you to make cheap national, international phone calls.

How to Make Almost Free Phone to Phone Calls Using Internet?

The step by step instructions to make very very cheap phone to phone calls are given below.

  1. You need a Smartphone to make this type of cheap internet calls. I have an Android phone. If you don't have a Smartphone, you may like to buy one Android phone, as they are cheap as compare to Iphone.
  2. Get one mobile SIM card of a good internet network provider. I recommend Tata Docomo for the Indian peoples.
  3. Recharge your SIM card with cheap and good internet data pack. I use 2G internet pack of Tata Docomo. This pack offers 2.5GB internet data for a month on a cost of just 65Rs. (about 1.25$). For more information on this, you may like to read my hub - How to Activate Tata Docomo Internet GPRS Pack? For the people from rest of the world, you may probably better know which internet data pack is better for you!?
  4. Talking about 3G. Tata Docomo have a 3G pack of 350Rs./month (about 7$). This pack includes 700 minutes of regular phone calls and 200MB of 3G internet data with 4.1Mbps speed. You can use this internet data to make cheap phone to phone internet calls. For the people from rest of the world, if you need, get one good 3G plan that you know.
  5. Now, if your smartphone do not have Nimbuzz pre-installed in it, get it from here. Android phone users search for "Nimbuzz" in the Android Market. Download and Install Nimbuzz on your smartphone.
  6. Open an account with Nimbuzz. Then, connect or add your Gtalk account in Nimbuzz. (You can also use Nimbuzz as all in one messenger, you can add your Facebook, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Hyves, Yahoo, Myspace accounts here to chat with your friends, buddies in respective networks, all in together at one place). Press menu button of your phone, here you will find the option to add these accounts.
  7. After getting connected with Gtalk, you will see your online friends. Click on the name of any one of your friends. There will be 3 or 4 options in front of you. The visibility of 4th option regarding "call", which actually comes below "Start Chat" option, depends on your friend is ready for a call or not! I mean, if he connected his headphones or he is using Nimbuzz too, etc. The remaining 3 firm options are Start Chat, Send Multimedia and View Profile.
  8. So if you click on the name of your "Gtalk" friend and unable to find the option regarding "Call", tell him or her to do as you already did in these previous 7 steps.
  9. As soon as your friend joins you on Nimbuzz, you will see the option considering " Gtalk Call" below "Start Chat" option. Click that option and that's it! You made it! The phone of your friend will start ringing. When he receives your call, you can start your conversation. There is no difference between national and international calls. You may call your friend living anywhere in the world.

Nimbuzz: Almost Free, Cheap National, International Phone to Phone Calls
Nimbuzz: Almost Free, Cheap National, International Phone to Phone Calls

I observed voice quality of this type of call is very good. I just experienced the time lag of about 1 sec in between the conversation. But, this may not always be the case. If you are using unlimited broadband Wi-Fi connection, then there is no any problem of connection speed and this will also be good considering data charges. You may like to read my hub - How to Connect Mobile Phone to Wi-Fi?

If you want, you can also make cheap international calls using Numbuzz. There are some other services like Viber, Tango, etc. which offers us free calls and messages. But, they make it available on their own network. Here in Nimbuzz, you use Gtalk for calling and most of your friends probably have an active Gmail account, so I think it's always a better choice to use a service offering Gtalk. And Nimbuzz is also an all in one messenger. So in my opinion, one should go for Nimbuzz for almost free, cheap national, international phone to phone calls.

I hope you found this information helpful. Share this information with your family and friends using sharing options at the end of this hub and start calling each other using this new trend of calling.


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