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Article Directory Softwares

Updated on August 25, 2012

3 Popular Article Directory Softwares

There are a number of options available for installing an article directory on a server. Some of them are free like article dashboard, article MS, wordpress plugin for article directory, open source content management scripts while others are paid softwares.

Free article directory softwares are more popular then paid license based scripts but they also a risk from hackers and spammers because most of these free scripts are not updated frequently.

One visible benefit of popular free directory script is that they are widely used on a number of websites and therefore there code is already available in a number of article submission softwares and distributors, which is definitely a plus sign as it can help promotion efforts tremendously with lot of submissions. Getting more and more articles for publication is the number one goal of any article directory as more articles means more profits and more business opportunities.

Article Dashboard PHP/MySQL Script

Article Dashboard is a free article directory software which is based on PHP and MySql, it is available for download from there site via a download link that they sent through email (we have to provide details).

There is no information available on there site regarding the last time when this software was updated. So, may be it is free but there is no help or support for its installation and maintenance.

This script is used by a number of web based article directories, most of which are not even known or active.

Article Friendly Directory Software

Article Friendly is another popular article directory software which do not have a free option. There are two paid versions of this software for installation one is standard costs $24.99 and another pro $49.99.

The main difference between standard version and pro is how there url's (links to article and categories) are generated. Url's generated by pro version are search engine friendly i.e. they have an SEO advantage, so it is better to invest a little more and get the best.

The source code of standard version (original program which can be edited) is also available for $130 only with resell rights. You can visit Article Friendly Faq for more information.

ArticleMS Directory Script

Article-MS is also a popular article directory software. This script was last updated on March 17, 2010 so, its up-to date right now.

There are three version of ArticleMS software which can be installed on any server, one is free version and other two are paid versions available for $29.95 and $80.

Paid versions are equivalent to free versions except that they do not contain a Powered by link on every page. $29.95 is a license to remove this link for 6 months (recurring charges) and $80 gives a lifetime license.

Article MS is available for download in all three versions from Article Trader, free version is also available on the original site i.e.

You can view license agreement and download free ArticleMS here.

Cheap Article Distribution Service

Article Trader
Article Trader

Why Should You Start An Article Directory?

Starting an article directory on your own rented server or hosting account is a real internet based opportunity which solves a number of problems which are commonly associated with making money from internet, like updating site, creating contents, try new ways to attract more web traffic, collecting leads to sell products, services.

All these things are important for any online business, some of the above are required to make money from visitors, others are required to make site attractive to both visitors as well as search engines.

Benefits from An Article Directory

An Article Directory solves a number of above problems, here is how:-

1. Writer's Submit Fresh Contents : An article directly can be kept almost fresh with new contents everyday, as webmasters, freelance writers, website owners everyone tries to promote his/her site across the internet by submitting contents to other sites (which accept them).

2. Automatic Free Web Traffic : Once an article directory is successfully established it starts pulling free web traffic automatically, without any active effort. It gets listed in a number of places for article submission.

3. Free Link Promotion from Article Publishers : An article directory not only gets free web traffic from article submissions but also from webmasters who are constantly looking for relevant contents for there websites and blogs. Any webmaster who publishes the article from an article directory is required to place a link back to the article directory. This helps article directory to get free links from other sites and blogs.

4. Collect Emails of Webmasters and Writers : Most website try hard to collect email address for there list and people often ignore this request as they are not required to fill in there form. When you have an article directory, a writer will have to provide his name as well as email id, to get details about the status of his/her article, thus an article directory also solves problems related to email marketing.

5. Monetizing Article Directory/Website with Adsense: One can place Google Adsense across an article and thus collect money from Google Adsense and even with other advertising systems like Kontera.

6. Monetizing with Affiliate Products : An article directory can also contain relevant affiliate products for each category. Thus every sale makes money without active promotion of any affiliate products.

Any suggestions for inclusion of more article directories???

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    • Nicky Smart profile image

      Nicky Smart 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very good list of article directories kindly update this PR-5 instant do-follow links in the article bio....I am using and happy

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      computer and internet 7 years ago

      really article directory is awesome way 2 earn.

      thanks for your hub!

    • profile image

      computer and internet 7 years ago

      really article directory is the right place to earn.

      Thanks for hub!