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Best HTML5 Web Apps in the Google Chrome Browser's New Web Store

Updated on July 6, 2014

What is a Web App?

Google describes a "Web App" as an "advanced interactive website."

Although fairly vague in definition, the phrase "advanced interactive website" screams exciting possibilities for the user experience in Internet browsing.

Often web apps provide a service like photo editing or organizational tools, which can be extremely useful for netbooks because no information has to be installed on the hard drive.

For regular PC users, the web apps are convenient and often just plain fun to use.

With the advent of more HTML5 used in web development, we see a wide door opening to a web app world bursting with creativity, flexibility, user control options, and just down right sexy "ness".

Google Chrome's web store has put itself in a unique position to deliver these HTML5 apps through its web store in the Chrome browser.

Lets look at a few of the notable HTML5 apps that are current "launch titles" in Google Chrome's new web store.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the latest and greatest version of the HTML web language. 

It provides new support for all sorts of multimedia features, which means better and more beautiful web apps and websites.

With so many internet browsers, or web language interpreters, HTML5's improvements help bridge the gap between the different browsers' ability to see a webpage the same way across the board. 

1. New York Times

According to the Web Store, the NYTimes app includes:

All major sections including top stories, business, technology, Opinion, science, travel, fashion & style, most e-mailed and more

Large, beautiful photos

Fast and easy keyboard shortcuts and navigation

Customizable views that allow you to change the look and feel

Offline reading capabilities (text only)

Breaking news alerts to keep you informed

I particularly like that I can customize the layout of the NYTimes in ways not available on the regular NYTimes website

The organization is much more pleasing to the eye, and navigation is a snap!

For those who do not subscribe to a print or e-Edition, this is far above the standard NYTimes website experience.


2. HTML5 Photo Editor by Aviary

According to the Web Store:

  • Powerful filters
  • Download photos to computer or get a hosted URL
  • Filter updates
  • ]Slick, easy-to-use design

I've used Aviary for a long time as a Google Chrome extension.

It is great! Its simple, sleek, and easy to use.

The new HTML5 based editor is more versatile and useful than ever before.

3. Ajax Animator-will work offline!

According to the Web Store:

  • A html5 powered web-based animation suite. 

  • Its original goal was to be a usable Flash IDE alternative, but has evolved into a cross-platform/cross-format animation tool. 

  • Works offline.

This is one of those great netbook apps for the would be animator. 

Many of my students would love the chance to play around with this.

4. "Civilization" game in a browser!

According to Web Store:

  • is an open-source turn-based strategy game.
  • It’s built entirely in HTML5 and features in-depth game-play and a wide variety of game modes and options.
  • Your goal is to build cities, collect resources, organize your government, and build an army, with the ultimate goal of creating the best empire.

To this day, I love Sid Meier's civilization games. I started playing the civilization games when I was very little back in the days of DOS. 

I am excited to see that a clone is available free and clear for all in their web browser

Rule the world! 

5. Canvas Rider

According to the Web Store:


Canvas Rider is an addictive game written in JavaScript & HTML5, using the most of the new <canvas> element.

To ride the tracks previously drawn by other players, there are 2 bikes (BMX & MTB) with the same controls:

- UP to pedal,

- DOWN to brake,

- LEFT & RIGHT to lean & balance,

- Z to turn around,

- ENTER to restart when you crash (or BACKSPACE to cancel checkpoint(s)).

Use your mouse to move the track, zoom, select tools, or display help.

If you set a time record, your run will be saved below the track for others to click & watch!

This is another version of the "free rider" and "line rider" craze sweeping up the young people. 

Perhaps because of its simplicity, it allows lots of room to be creative. 


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    • profile image

      onepass 6 years ago

      HTML5 will change your website is by no longer needing to rely on Flash for animation and hence to learn Html5 will be a lot more beneficial . Granted, there are some types of visual rendering (i.e. movie trailers, etc), that still would benefit from technologies like Flash, but when it comes to the standard types of animation you see on so many websites nowadays

    • 1dollar profile image

      1dollar 6 years ago

      Great apps. I particularly liked this one:

      It helps finding discounts on Amazon.

      There is also:

      to show the bestselling products on Amazon

    • SteveoMc profile image

      SteveoMc 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Wow, what a lot of information! Loved learning a little more about apps. Still a novice to the notion, maybe need a little tutorial.