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The Best iPhone Apps

Updated on June 30, 2010

The iPhone has already taken over the cell phone world. Everyone either wants one or already has one. For someone who didn't know anything about the phone they would ask the obvious question: Why is it so popular? What makes it the most wanted phone it the world?

One of the main answers to this question is the applications. Apple has created a system where getting an iPhone app is just as easy as making a phone call; also its a system where new apps are added to the store daily. Simply - it makes your iPhone better and better as time progresses.

But what iPhone apps are the best?

With such a wide selection sometimes it's hard to know where to start. The top ten lists that the store and Apple articulate isn't nearly close enough to what the best apps are. Many times the best appliactions get lost in the mix, never to be truly found by the general public.

And this is where this list of the best iphone applications comes in handy.

All these applications are of the highest quality, as well as the highest customer satisfaction.


Table of Contents


Price: Free

EverNote is great because of its paramount simplicity. It turns your iPhone into a digital archive: it collects all photos, notes, text messages, and voice recordings and organizes them nicely. It can also be transfered onto your PC and organized and searched from there. It's a great way to clean up your iPhone and organize everything in a very convenient way.



Price: Free

One of the best applications which takes full use of the iPhone's 3G capabilities. It connects you with user reviews restaurants, business's, bars and other locations. Great for traveling in the city and finding the most popular spots. One of its best features is that you point your camera in any direction and the camera, coupled with the GPS, will tell you what the most popular places are in that direction; it will also give you a street view of their location so you know where to go.



Price: Free

A must have for any type of person who as international work. Uses the Google translation program and can translate any language into almost any other language. It's not perfect, but for a translation program it's pretty close. A must have application for the iPhone.



Price: Free

One of the best iPhone applications because it saves you money. You can link multiple financial accounts which will help manage your overall budget as well as give you various tips to help you do this. If you ever go over your budget, or anything suspicious is happening with your accounts, you will receive an email, text, and a real-time update letting you know.


Doodle Jump

Price: $1.00

Every list of the best iPhone applications needs to include at least one iPhone game. They are what help pass the time - or, perhaps the better term is, 'destress' us. Doodle Jump does just that. It has game play you can learn how to play in mere seconds, and numerous levels to keep you addicted for a long time. Waiting for anything just become very manageable and fun.



Price: Free

RunKeeper is a great application to fulfill all your fitness needs. Using GPS, when running outdoors, it keeps track of distance traveled, calories burned, duration, pace and even uses Google Maps to track the route you traveled.

It also works on a treadmill, and will graph your progress on a monthly basis. One of the best applications on the iPhone which focuses on your health.



Price: Free

The best iPhone application involving music. Hands down. This little application works like the popular website Pandora. You choose your favorite artists, and genres, and the application will create a playlist with you which is similar to your interests. As you progress through the list you can choose if you like or dislike the songs, and as you build up your interests your playlist will change. Eventually you'll have the perfect playlist. Incredible.



Price: Free

One of the most popular applications on the iPhone and deservingly so. What it does is take a quick recording of music that is playing, whether on the radio, in your friends car, on the bus, and tells you who the artists and what song it is. It's so simple, its genius. It even works in noisy bars.



Price:  $1.00

It's an amazing application and fits on this list of the best iPhone applications very easily.  What it does is this:  It located where you are in the world - preferably in the US right now - and tells you what foods can be grown organically for the time of year it is.  Also it uses Google Maps and determines where the best farms are in the area to buy organic food.  It helps you reduce your carbon footprint, save you money, and aid in a healthier lifestyle.  It's a must have.



Price: Free

The one app that fulfills all your social needs. This application combines all the major social messaging services into one (like MSN, Yahoo), as well as Facebook and Twitter. Need I say more?


There are dozens and dozens of more applications that could of made this list of the Best iPhone Apps, but these ten are the ten that - if you could only choose ten for your iPhone - would be the best fit. They cover a range of categories and fulfill a range of needs. Of course this only opinion.

Feel free to comment on what you think are the best iPhone applications.

Also check out the list of the Worst iPhone Applications

As well as the Best iPhone Games


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    • profile image

      learn to make iphone apps 7 years ago

      In my view, iTranslate is the most popular iPhone app supplied here. Good on-line vocabulary is extremely demanded resolution today. As an individual, who likes touring I find this iPhone app very helpful for myself.

    • SharkFuel profile image

      SharkFuel 7 years ago

      In my opinion, iTranslate is the most popular iPhone app provided here. Good online vocabulary is highly demanded solution today. As a person, who likes traveling I find this iPhone app very helpful for myself. It is a pleasure to see that it is available for free. Useful article, thanks.

    • babyfirstyear profile image

      babyfirstyear 7 years ago

      I like Tap Tap Revenge than other Apps. so it is the best one for me :D


    • profile image

      web5798 7 years ago

      check out the best apps for 2010

    • profile image

      Shane Holloway 8 years ago

      Hey, I don't own an iPhone but for people who do this hub is cool. Thanks



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