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Best Internet Phone Card Companies Reviewed

Updated on June 24, 2011
For a first time phone card buyer, choosing a phone card company is like playing roulette.
For a first time phone card buyer, choosing a phone card company is like playing roulette.

Searching for and buying phone cards on the Internet considered by many is a crap shoot. Mainly because Internet phone card companies do not advertise in mainstream media, so no one has heard of any good names. Who can blame the phone card industry since TV commercials are expensive and profit margins on phone cards are rather low.

This does not mean however that there is no hope in finding a trustworthy phone card company on the Internet.

I started out on the quest for great phone card companies mainly by trial and error. Because there were no phone card buying guides in existence. I use phone cards to call business associates and the friends I have made during my travels. And thanks to phone cards I have saved lots of money on international phone calls.

But my quest for a reputable phone card company was not smooth going at first. I dealt with a lot of poorly run phone card companies that stocked a lot of substandard phone cards that did not provide the promised minutes. And yes I have been burned more then once by overloaded junk fees. Thankfully a lot of shoddy run phone card companies have gone of out of business.

I have to admit in hind sight I am glad I had that experience. Because now I learned some lessons on what to look out for and what to stay clear away from.

So after 8 years of using phone cards and dealing with many different phone card companies I am going to share with you the important lessons that I have learned.

In this hub you will learn:

  • 3 phone card companies that I use and know you will find reliable as well.
  • Give you important tips on how to choose the right phone cards.

I will give you the links with reviews of the companies that I am recommending or else this hub will run way too long. However, you can watch some short video reviews of each company.

Pointing you in the right direction to some great phone card companies is not enough. I am also going to teach you how to choose the right phone cards. Because knowing which card to choose will make the difference between saving a little and saving a lot.

Welcome to a course on Buying Phone Cards 101. Please take a seat.
Welcome to a course on Buying Phone Cards 101. Please take a seat.

My All Time Favorite 3 Phone Card Companies

Here are 3 phone card companies I recommend:

  1. Speedy Pin
  2. Nobelcom
  3. Cloncom

Click on each company name and it will take you to a full review. But as quick overview I'll give a list of reasons why I trust these phone card companies. We'll first start off with Speedy Pin which you can watch a short video below.

I get emails from some people asking me why I use so many different phone card companies. My honest answer is I look at different phone card companies like a professional football coach looks at different teams. Each team has their own unique talents, just like the 3 phone card companies I recommend below.

Speedy Pin Video Review

Speedy Pin Website Screen shot
Speedy Pin Website Screen shot

A Short Review Speedy Pin Phone Card Company

Speedy Pin has been providing phone cards to consumers for 10 years. Which is one of reasons why I was attracted to this company. For a company to be around that long they must be doing something right.

They are the only phone card company I know that offers a 100% Guarantee on all of their cards. It means a lot when any company backs there products with this policy.

There were a few occasions where I had missing minutes due to some technical issues. So I made the call to the card company to complain and within a few minutes my minutes were replaced. Had it not been I would've stopped using them a very long time ago.

For a full review check out Speedy Pin Phone Card Company Review where you will also learn how to choose the right phone card for your needs.

Nobelcom Video Review

Nobelcom Website Screen Shot
Nobelcom Website Screen Shot

A Short Review of Nobelcom Phone Card Company

Nobelcom is another company with 10 years of experience in the industry. What separates them apart from the rest is that this company is one of the biggest phone card companies out there. If you want reliability, buy from Nobelcom.

Nobelcom owns and operates their own telecommunications infrastructure. So they are able to upkeep and maintain their own systems to ensure clear quality communications. With the ability to run their own systems, Nobelcom has the capability to brand their own phone cards. By doing so they have created the most competitive rates for calling both land lines and mobile lines.

To read a full review check out Nobelcom Phone Card Company Review where you will also find some information on how to choose the right phone cards for your needs.

Cloncom Video Review

Cloncom Website Screen Shot
Cloncom Website Screen Shot

A Short Review of Cloncom Phone Card Company

Cloncom is one of the first phone card company that I have ever used. With 7 years under their belt they have gone far and achieved a fair share of loyal return customer including me.

To me they are a mix between Speedy Pin and Nobelcom where they have a mix of phone cards they brand with their own labels and some they acquire from a wholesale source.

To read a full review of check out Cloncom Phone Card Company Review where you will also find information on how to choose the right phone cards.

How To Choose The Right Phone Cards

It's not enough alone that I show you where the best phone card companies are. Here I'm also going to show you how to choose the best phone cards for you need.

You see, phone card companies carry a mix of phone cards with fees and without fees. This is where most consumers get stuck, wondering which one to choose.

As a general rule of thumb, all phone cards with the lowest call per minute rates come with higher fees. And the phone cards with higher per minute rates have no fees.

The simplest way for you to know which phone card to choose is to decide which answer best fits you:

  1. I will be making a high volume of calls in a short period of time (1-2 weeks).
  2. I will be making a mix of low and high volume of calls on special occasions (2 weeks - 1 year).

If you fit the first question then a phone card with fees is the right card for you. I know you're scratching your head right about now, but phone cards with fees are meant for a high volume of calls within a short period of time. I bet this is the first time you have ever heard of this. But it is true.

Phone cards with fees are loaded with fees that get deducted during your initial call and when you hang up. Then on top of that there is usually a .99¢ weekly maintenance fee tacked on. So as you can see a phone card wouldn't last too long if you let it sit around with a .99¢ weekly fee. Phone card maintenance fees are automatically deducted from the first use and then each consequent day of the week you first used your card. So say for example you have $3 value remaining on your card and you haven't used it for 3 weeks you cards value will be zero.

However, if you finish up the card within the week then you will minimize the effects of the fees while still taking advantage of the low call per minute rate.

If you fit the second answer then you better choose a phone card with no fees. Phone cards with no fees are perfect for calling friends and relatives overseas on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and just some general chit chat throughout the year. Since phone cards with no fees allow more of a freedom to use your minutes whenever without weekly fees. However, there are phone cards with .49¢ monthly fees with a decent call per minute rate. It might be a good idea to get this card if you can use it up within that time period.

As you can see there are a mix of strategies that you can use to your benefit. But as a first time phone card buyer it is best to get a phone card with the least amount of fees. This way you can measure your calling habits and make a better decision about which cards you should use in the long run.

In my humble opinion however, it is best to use phone card with no fees.

Have you tried any of these companies before? Give us your personal review.

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      6 years ago


      We are sorry about your experience. Please send us an e-mail to and we will do our best to solve the inconvenience.

      Thank you!

      Cloncom Team

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Have used Cloncom for 2 years with no problem - however this time I keep getting the message my newly purchased PIN is invalid. The technical assistance people told me it is a Cloncom issue (they just provide the line) but I can not get hold of anyone to ask about response to my emails to Customer Service...needless to say the charges have been taken feeling nervous of online calling card co's.


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