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Best Bluetooth iPad Keyboard

Updated on June 25, 2010

Buy an iPad Keyboard

When using an iPad, not everyone likes to use a touchscreen keyboard, which is where a portable keyboard comes into play. They are portable, lightweight, and easy to set up. You can use a conventional keyboard with your iPad.

When shopping for an iPad keyboard, make sure that you look for wireless features and Bluetooth connectivity.

Below, you'll find different options for bluetooth wireless keyboards for the Apple iPad. These are great options for those of you who just prefer a physical keyboard versus the on-screen one. Personally, having a full keyboard is better because you'll run into fewer problems, in terms of typos and accidents when sending emails, writing notes, and planning your calendar.

The iPad keyboards are simple. You can purchase the portable Apple keyboard, or any one of the following options. You will find that bluetooth keyboards will range anywhere from $50 to $150.

iPad Keyboard Dock

The Apple iPad keyboard dock is great because you get the ulta-thin bluetooth keybaord with a dock. You can prop up your iPad for more comfortable viewing while you send emails and save notes. The keyboard is lightweight and definitely not an added pain to carry around with your iPad. The apple keyboard is similar to the portable keyboards that are available with the mini Mac computers. They're simple and easy to use.

Mini Slim RF Wireless Touchscreen Keypad

You can use this keyboard with your Ipad. This particular keyboard is built for lectures and projection. You can pull up the information on your iPad via this keyboard and have it show on a PC or other larger screen.

Go Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

The Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard is suitable for PDAs and other handhelds that have bluetooth support. There is about 18 mm spacing between each key. The design and portability is great for on the go usage. It's an alternative keyboard for your iPad. It's great for those people who don't particularly care for on-screen, touchscreen keyboards.

Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard

This is a very portable keyboard that is great for various gadgets that have bluetooth support. There are 5 full rows with 75 keys. The keyboard allows you to program shortcuts, as well. This portable bluetooth keyboard folds out, has LED wireless connection light, power button, and has the capability to transmit a signal for about 30 feet.

Matias Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

This foldable bluetooth keyboard is compatible for Apple/Mac computers. It should be fully compatible with the new Ipad. The keyboard folds away for easy storage, and opens with a full size keyboard. This is a great option to use instead of an on-screen, touchscreen keyboard.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

This is the official Apple wireless keyboard. It uses bluetooth technology to connect to any Apple or Mac product. The keyboard is lightweight and thin, making it easy to transport. The keyboard doesn't create extra clutter on your desk, and you don't need a lot of room to set it up when you're on the go. This is one of the best options for an iPad keyboard that you can choose.


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