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Cheap iPad Dock

Updated on June 25, 2010

Best iPad Dock

There are many different iPad accessories that you probably want for your Apple iPad device. The dock is definitely a favorite among many. The dock is a safe place to put your iPad when not in use, so that it's not just lying flat on a desk or table, where people can just pile things on top of it. And, it's a great accessories to use when using your iPad.

Most docks will charge the device as well as sync it to a computer. You can plug your iPad into a dock and into a stereo, TV, or projector, which allows better use of the iPad. You can use a bigger screen to check out pictures and websites on you TV, as well as use better speakers to listen to your music.

The iPad is a  great device that is multi-functional as long as you know how to use it. The docks are just one more accessory to have to help use your iPad to its fullest advantage.

Apple iPad Dock - iPad docking station

This Apple iPad dock will charge the battery of your iPad, as well as sync the device to your computer using the USB cable. You can connect the dock to an electrical outlet using the 10W power adapter, as well. You can even connect your dock and iPad to your TV or a video projector using a compatible cable. Using an AV cable, you can also connect the iPad dock to your stereo so you can play music on a bigger scale.

The dock will hold your Ipad at the perfect angle to allow you to compose emails.

KONNET iCrado Metal Charging Dock for iPad

This iPad dock comes in different colors to include black, silver, red, yellow, green, pink, orange, and violet. It is compatible with the Apple iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch 2G, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 5G, iPod Nano 4G, iPod Nano 3G, and iPod Classic.

The design of the dock was created to enhance the speaker quality and the mic reception of the device. The holder locks the USB cable into the iCrado and can charge and sync the device to a computer.

GSI Super Quality Desktop Dock for Ipad

This is an ultra stable docking station for the iPad. The device will be at an easy angle to compose emails and check the internet.

The docking station will charge you device, as well as sync it to your computer so that you can backup data. You can also connect your iPad to your stereo or TV using proper adapters and cables.

This dock comes in black, and when purchasing it, you receive a full one year warranty from the manufacture.

Keyboard Dock for iPad

This dock is an Apple product that has a keyboard with it so that you can easily type on your iPad, while the dock holds the device at an easy viewing angle.

Like the other docks, you can charge your device and sync it via the dock to your computer using a USB cable. You can also plug it into a stereo or speakers using AV cable or a stereo cable, and you can plug the device into your TV or projector using a compatible cable, such as the iPad dock connector to the VGA adapter.


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