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Cheap iPad Accessories - Dock, Keyboard, Case

Updated on March 14, 2011

Buy iPad Accessories

The Apple iPad is a large iPod Touch, but with the product, we need accessories. You can buy basic iPad accessories like the charging cables, camera connection kit, and other connector kits, but don't forget to purchase a charging dock or the iPad keyboard dock, a bluetooth keyboard, a iPad case, or a skin.

The accessories for the iPad are basic and simple, but the features of the iPad should be enough to sell you on the product.

Below, you'll find the basics on the iPad accessories.

iPad Dock

With just about any portable gadget, a dock is a great accessory to buy. The Apple iPad Dock will charge your iPad while you use it or while you're waiting to use it. The Apple iPad dock is only compatible to charge and sync the iPad, so don't expect to use it on you iPod or any other Apple product.

  • The dock has an audio line out port that allows you to connect to external speakers.
  • There is a VGA connector cable and an iPad camera connection kit

Using the iPad dock, you can sync your iPad to a computer, charge the iPad, connect to an external electrical outlet, hold your iPad at the perfect angle to compose email and notes using a Bluetooth keyboard, connect to a TV or projector,  and connect to external speakers.

iPad Keyboard

iPad Keyboard Dock

The keyboard dock that you can use to charge and sync your iPad while sending emails and saving notes. You can use the keyboard dock with other iPad accessories like the dock connector to VGA adapter and the iPad camera connection kit.

The iPad keyboard dock can be connected to an electrical outlet using a 10W USB power adapter, that you get with your iPad. Just like the iPad dock, you can use the keyboard dock to connect to speakers, a TV, or projector.

The keyboard, itself is a sleek, anodized aluminum keyboard that has low-profile keys. The iPad keyboard is ultra-compact and features most buttons of a regular keyboard, to include the Home button, Spotlight search, display brightness, picture frame mode, onscreen keyboard, and screen lock.

Bluetooth iPad Keyboard

Since the Apple iPad is compatible with bluetooth technology, you can purchase most any bluetooth keyboards to use with your iPad.

iPad Case

You can purchase the iPad case with your new iPad so that you can keep it safe and scratch-free. Apple's iPad case is made of a soft microfiber. It has reinforced panels for better structure and stability.  You can fold the iPad case either horizontally or vertically, depending on what angle you want to view and work with your new iPad. Sometimes it's easier to type horizontally, but you may want to read vertically.

The iPad case, is fit with holes to accommodate the headphone jack, dock connector port, volume control, and the on/off button.

It you don't want the Apple iPad case, you can purchase skins, instead. They come in different colors and patterns. Just remember that an iPad skin won't protect your new iPad as well as a case will.


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