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Best iPad Stand

Updated on June 25, 2010

Buy Apple iPad Stand

Sometimes it may be hard to best view your pictures or watch videos on your iPad, which is where a good stand comes into play. You can find iPad cases that are also stands, or you can purchase a stand for your iPad. There are different models that you can choose from. Below are just some of the better options.

You will find that some of the stands have multiple viewing positions, which is a great feature to have so that you can alter the position of the iPad to best accommodate the best lighting and overall scenery in the area, and of course to accommodate what you're trying to accomplish on your iPad, whether it's typing an email, searching the web, or watching a video.

While shopping around for more iPad accessories, you may also want to consider a bluetooth keyboard, dock, or one of many different cases for the iPad.

Macally Viewstand Aluminum Viewing Stand

This is an ergonomically designed stand for the Apple iPad. It is designed to improve typing and viewing so that it is more comfortable and natural. The stand offers different orientation settings so that you can stand you iPad to the angle that you need for the app that you're using. The stand works in both vertical and horizontal views.

Acase Deluxe Leathe Folio with Stand

This is a professionally designed case that has a snap closure and opening for the iPad light sensor. The case has 13 different adjustable stand settings that make it an ideal stand as well as folio case. When you set the stand up, it sets your iPad at ideal angles for watching videos and slide shows, as well as typing on the onscreen keyboard.

The case has a secure flap to ensure that your iPad is safe when inside the pouch. This is an ideal case and stand built into one product.

Incipio Kickstand for Apple iPad

This kickstand is also a case folio that you can use to carry your iPad around safely. When set up as an iPad stand, the product allows you to watch videos and type without having to hold the iPad yourself. It is made of a high-quality, premium leather exterior with a soft suede interior. You can access all of your buttons and features without having to fight with the folio/stand combination.

Griffin A-Frame Tabletop Stand for iPad

This is a simple stand that reminds me of the stands that you put papers on for easier view while typing on a computer. It holds the iPad upright in both landscape and portrait views, as well as at a lower wrist-level angle for easier typing and reading.

The stand is made of a stable aluminum material in an A-frame for easier adjustment and visibility. There is a non-slip rubber cradle that accommodates your iPad safely. 

You will have easy access to your dock connector for charging and syncing without having to fight with the iPad stand.

Menotek 16 Position Stand for Apple iPad

This stand for the Apple iPad has 16 different viewing positions, so no matter what you're trying to do on your iPad you will be able to have easy and best viewing capabilities.

The stand is made of a durable plastic that is light enough to be carried around yet strong enough to fully support your iPad device. The stand folds away for easy storage for traveling purposes, which is definitely a nice feature.


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