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Buy Sphero Online - Ball Release Dates, Prices, Reviews

Updated on June 9, 2012

If you are looking for all the latest Sphero information including release dates, prices, apps and where to buy online then you are in the right place. Here we are going to tell you all about Sphero the exciting new gadget and fill you in on when it’s released, where to buy online and exactly what to expect from this fantastic little ball. So for everything you need to know about Sphero you need look no further.

Sphero is created by a company called Orbotix, they have been working on Sphero for over 18 months now and it’s release has been hotly anticipated by many. This is a really clever little gadget that will appeal to adults, children and even animals. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the product.

What Is Sphero?

So first of all, if you have come here with no idea what exactly Sphero is, well let’s fill you in on the details. Basically it is a small ball that you can control using apps on your smartphone. These are compatible with iPhones and android phones as well as iPad and some iPods. You use your phone to make the ball roll around the floor. You can download free apps to do this. The ball will also light up in various different colors and you can change these as you play with it, it will even glow in the dark.

Orbotix are constantly working on bringing out new apps to make the Sphero more engaging and more playable. The ball is designed to be fairly hard wearing so pet’s will find this really good fun. If your dog slobbers all over it, you can easily wipe it down. The ball has a little charging bay which is easy to use and will give the ball a decent amount of power so you can play with it for a long period of time.

These balls are very easy to operate, they are ideal for parents who want to buy something for their children to play with. Although the technology is fairly simple, it can take some time to set the ball up, so this is the kind of toy that children will need a little help from mum or dad with.

Toys and gadgets like this one seem to be all the rage this year. Using smartphones to be able to control something is something the industry is working very hard on and there are lots of companies getting involved in making similar products. We are also seeing interactive technology come out such as the Kurio Tablet, another product that will be popular later in 2012.

What Sphero Can Do

Release Dates, Prices & Buying Online

One of the issues that Orbotix have had with Sphero is meeting the demand for the product. This really has captured the imagination of many people and orders for the toy have overwhelmed the company. Originally it was expected that Sphero would be released in time for the Christmas 2011 rush, but this was not the case. The release date has been pushed back a few times now and the company are now saying that they will be dispatching the toys later in January. They are already showing up on Amazon and you can Pre-order the toys there are they are also available direct from the company itself.

When it comes to buying these online, your best bet probably is Amazon. Currently they are selling at a price of $129.99. It is expected that when these go on general release the price may start to come down and head towards the $100 mark. Chances are we are going to see these springing up on places like eBay so you may be able to head over there and get them that little bit cheaper. The Sphero apps are currently free to download, it is a possibility that they may charge for some in future, but chances are they will keep them free to promote interest in the product. The company behind Sphero will be looking to bring out more apps in the future so there will be new ways to enjoy this product.

As you can see Sphero really is an exciting new toy. With demand being so high this looks like it will really sell well for the company. Even though it is early in the year this is already being talked about as being a big seller over Christmas 2012. This toy although very simple has a wide appeal for adults, children and even animals. So if you want to make your smartphone that little bit more exciting we suggest getting your hands on one of these Sphero toys. It has so much to offer and really will keep you entertained for a good while. With a little bit of imagination and by using the apps, there is just so much this can do.


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