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How to Delete Remove Pictures Taken on Samsung Reality Cell Phone Camera

Updated on January 15, 2011


I've done a couple of Samsung Reality cell phone articles regarding activating the cell phone and camcorder.  Here is an article on How to delete photos taken on Samsung Reality cell phone camera.

I'll show you how to delete your photos step-by-step.

Step 1

Unlock your Samsung Reality cell phone screen and select the "Menu" option

Step 2

On the next screen that appears select "Media Center" by touching the cell phone screen.

Step 3

Then choose "Pictures and Video" which should be the third selection down.

Step 4

Select "My Pictures"

Step 5

Select "Options"

Step 6

Choose "Erase"

Step 7

Give it a second and your Samsung Reality cell phone screen will populate with all of the pictures you have recorded.

Select the photos that you want erased by touching the check box or boxes next to the pictures. Do not touch the check box next to photos that you wish to leave on your phone. Only  check the pictures that you want deleted.

Step 8

Press "Done",  then press "Yes"

Thanks for reading!  Now you know how to delete pictures on your Samsung Reality cell phone.

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