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Communicate Using Twitter and Facebook Updates At The Same Time

Updated on September 30, 2012

Facebook and Twitter are the two main social media; there is not a single person in the globe who has ever used a computer that has not heard of them. Their number of accounts keep growing (even if Facebook progress has halted to a point) and actually most social media suers have accounts for both.

Twitter has been very successful due to the combination of social networking and instant messaging at the same time. It is not surprising that Google and Facebook have many times attempted to buy Twitter or at least cooperate. Twitter offers a significant difference compared to similar networks; you can setup more than one accounts, for example one that is related to your blogs and one that is related to work. You would prefer that the work account would not show updates related to your blogs, so this characteristic can be particularly helpful.

Facebook and Twitter, the two major social media.
Facebook and Twitter, the two major social media.

How To Do It

For someone who has been using daily more than one accounts in twitter, it can be annoying to logout of each and login to the other. Of course, he can always be logged in all accounts at the same time by using different internet browsers, but still it is not very convenient. That is where TweetDeck can be helpful – it allows management of multiple accounts through one interface. Soon the developers noticed that the way status updates are shown in Twitter, the similarities with Facebook are not few. So, Facebook was added and along with it, the ability to add a status update automatically to more than one accounts and social networks.

Run the application and visit the Settings field. Click on Accounts, where you will add the details of your social network accounts (obvious, isn’t it?). Add your login details and password in the relevant fields. Repeat for your other accounts until all are set up.

You need to decide which Twitter account you use more often. You will have to set this account as default, you can do this from the Account List. If you have changed login details, you can use Edit Account to add the changes in TweetDeck too. When it comes to adding a Facebook account, do not forget to click at the relevant checkbox, so that TweetDeck will keep you connected. During the first time you use it, you will be asked if you allow TweetDeck to access your info (this will occur from the Facebook page, just like when you add a new game).When you click at Save, the settings will be saved and you can move on.

In the main window of the application, click at Add Friends and choose for which account you want to be receiving status updates. Repeat for all other accounts too.

Now click at the blue icon with the Facebook logo; you will see a column with the status updates of your friends. Please mind that you cannot reply to one of these updates, since this particular option is not available due to the differences between Twitter and Facebook.

Now that everything has been set, you can start using the application. Status updates are available already and you receive information about your contacts. If you want to add a status update you can click the first button at the left. At From field you set the account that you are updating and the accounts that will show the updates. Type your message in What Are You Doing field. In this window you can also access additional options, like URL shortening.


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